I've been bubbling over with jewelry DIY ideas for the last couple of weeks. But with an internship, board exams, and school, I've barely had any time to get crafty. No more excuses though. Using vintage pearls, aurora borealis beads, pewter skulls, oversized safety pins, topped off with a Swarovski aurora borealis crystal, I crafted the necklace below. It's a funky and badass play on the classic pearl necklace. I can't wait to wear this over a sweater or blouse soon for a little bit of edge.
What a fabulous idea!!! So incredibly chic!


That is so awesome, I could see the girls in my Beautiful list all wearing one like it! :)

this is amazingg! & thanks for the comment! The camera that I use is the Canon EOS 300D, it's my dad's old camera. lol.

ps. i LOVEE your hair! My hair used to be that long - then i made the horrible mistake of cutting it. *sighs* now ill just have to wait it out!

The necklace is amazing!!!!
Adore the half tints below. I'd buy them too, they're a better shape for my face than the originals they're conceived upon.


i love the necklace!! youre great. I will make one like that also, haha
thanks for stopping by my blog :)
anyway i love your long hair!

This is incredibly amazing! You did so well with this DIY. It has a great Balmain Spring 09 vibe.

That has got to be the world's most beautiful necklace! It's so edgy, but still sophisticated, I would seriously wear it. <3

It reminds me of Tom Binns... I like <3