Wishing everyone a beautiful and peaceful new year, each day filled with a new experience, a new story and a new reason to smile. Stay warm and safe lovelies and I'll be back tomorrow with a DIY giveaway to bring in the new year. xo.

happy new year gorgeous!

to you as well.
those shoes look so good on the snow :)

Absolutely lovely! Have a great new years eve!

Great outfit! I love those shoes...I can see why he's carrying you...don't want to mess them up in the snow. :)

Happy 2010 to you, too.

beautiful couple

gorgeous dress and you look lovely together! happy new year!

Omg you and the boy look amazing. happy new year!

So gorgeous, love this photo. Happy new yr hun

Happy new year! Great photos, you both look cute together, and you're gorgeous as usual!

You look amazing, I so love that pic of you and the booooy :D Happy New Year Sophie, queeeen of DIY :D

Happy new year to you too! I love the picture of you two together; you look so perfect together :)
Love the dress!

oh yes my favourite shoes of yours.
OMG SOPHIA WHY ARENT YOU WEARING ENOUGH CLOTHES?!?!?! omg im feeling cold just looking at your pics hahahaha

you are stunning. i love that dress, and the picture with your boy is adorable! happy new year!

really cute pictures! love the outfit as well!
happy newyear :)


Happy New Year! You guys look so cute.

Gorgeous outfit...the shoes are beautiful against the snow. I saw the dress in Club Monaco and really wanted one for myself.

That dress is gorgeous!!!!

That dress is amazing.....it's really perfection.

I love what you are wearing! The photo of the two of you is too precious for words!

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You and your b are so cute. And those shoes! They look amazing in the snow with the reflections in the platform.

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful time.
I really enjoy reading your blog :)

@denise ah yes, my favourite miu mius. haha, no w...

ah yes, my favourite miu mius. haha, no worries, i didn't get pneumonia, freeze bite or anything. i was right outside our door and actually had a huge down jacket on, but it's a real clunker and wouldn't have made for a pretty post so i took it off for 10 seconds :o)

The photo of you two is way too adorable for words. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MANAGED TO WALK IN YOUR MIU MIU'S IN THE SNOW! I would've frozen to death. Anyway, you look gorgeous and that dress is just a piece of art on a stunning lady :)!



You and your boy are adorably gorgeous! You look beautiful. Love the outfit. Happy new year!

what a heartwarming picture :) lovely dress! have a great year!

cute pictures!!!
xoxo amber

Really gorgeous and girly dress. And you two are adorable together, hahah!

Is that dress from Club Monaco?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! You two look so cute together :)


so absolutely stunning!!

happy new year my dearest!!!

Lovely white dress you got with that blazer! Ohhhh adored how you combine the last two photos together as one.

Wishing you a great year in 2010 with more joys and success as well<3 Happy New Year:)

that dress is so beautiful. its like a classic chanel piece.

you look gorgeous and i just lOVE these photos. wishing you a great beginning of this new year. take care xx ediot

Pretty silver pumps! Very appropriate the holidays!

ta robe blanche est tout simplement magnifiques et tes chaussures à tomber!!!!

Gorgeous pictures!

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