This lovely trench is a gift from my mother's closet. She parts with the prettiest things, including this vintage khaki coloured floor-sweeping trench, claiming she never wears them. The cropped sleeves perfectly contrast the exaggerated long train of the coat and the silhouette it creates reminds me of lab coats. Lab coats as outerwear for Spring? This is giving me ideas as I definitely have more than a few lab coats sitting around that could use alterations. The sterile white of lab coats is depressing! This reminds me of a photograph I saw on The Sartorialist a few years ago. The young man is rocking a forest green lab coat. I can imagine him pipetting solutions and working in a hood before being snapped by Scott on the street. Oh my imagination.

you're such a science nerd sophia. but then again i am reading this as i'm waiting for my cells to be fixed in paraformaldehyde. so. um.

that trench is a classic piece for your wardrobe its perfect

haha! annabel, that's awesome. i'm glad you understand. i was afraid that talking about pipetting and "working in a hood" would evoke blank stares. esp. the "hood" part. like, does sophia mean "hoodie" or "in da hood"? haha

Such a pretty coat! Looks really light and nice to wear. Wish we had some sun here, so I could retire some of my winter wardrobe...

awesome. well put together, love the layered doublebreasted button up under button up!


Hahaha! Wouldn't that be awesome. It would be cool to get to wear my lab coat right after cloning some more mosquito genes and actually be the fashionable girl. I so love this outfit though.



Lovely outfit! And your hair is so gorgeous!

awee this is so cute! I really like the long jacket! :)

that is so cool...the only things my mother had were some groovy dresses from the 70's...I wish she had saved more and different types of things

Ah, I was going to comment on the outfit but I have to disagree with what this anonymous person said about makeup! You look fantastic without it and it's so refreshing to see young women who aren't afraid to go naturally beautiful!

Lovely outfit!! That trench is amazing, wish I could find something like that in my mothers closet haha... Love the shoes too!!

There's something so instantly cool about lab coats in my opinion. Maybe it's because my boyfriend studies pharmacy? I don't know ^.^ Anyway, you look remarkable! And I can't wait for what you may bring this spring with your lab coat ideas.

so fab!!! runway material! :)

Love your lab coat idea...I may just steal it. Although it might be overkill if I wore it with my thick-rimmed nerd glasses...

I remember that post :)
Very cute!

@ anonymous
i've actually never worn eyeliner and have considered trying it out several times after being inspired repeatedly by alexa chung and her signature eyeliner. however, i don't want to be a makeup copycat! plus, i might jab out of my eyeball considering how makeup inept i am! x.

aw thank you! girl, you're awesome.

i remember you mentioning something about link exchange the other day. let's do it!

how could it be overkill if it sounds so awesome?

ahhh love these proportions. And I totally agree, the world needs more technicolor lab coats; sterile, schmerile.

hahaa... i thought of white lab coats too, so that makes us both nerds? those are always nasty and stiff though. your coat has such lovely movement

the fact that the sleeves are slightly cropped on an extralong trench is AMAZING.

gorgeous outfit, i love (and need) the boots! yeah, amazing coat - some of my favourite things have been given/borrowed/stolen from my mothers closet haha. you should definatly go DIY crazy on some lab coats for spring :)

this outfit is just amazing!
i've always wanted to try a long coat but i'm scared i'll look like i'm drowning in it because i'm so short.

@SAUVAGE yes! i'm thinking ceil blue or hunter...
yes! i'm thinking ceil blue or hunter green. and i'm totally listing off scrub colours.

nerds ftw. yah, they are pretty stiff. if i'm going ahead with this, i'll have to find some softer/higher quality ones.

sweet, you noticed! that's the best detail.

@Studded Hearts
wear it with wedges or platform sandals and something short underneath :)

i love ur coat, so simple and comfortbale.
it's fantastic outfit, we all love mama wardrobe.

Yay, I've added you to my blog roll down the bottom of my page ;-)

I'm glad you like the new layout, thanks for your feedback!

seriously? lab coat? that's a great idea if you can really work it out! it's so unique :D anyway, love your trench dear.

Hello my darling Sophia!
Hope you have been staying well! I miss you terrible!

I love this coat on you it's so elegant!
And I may kinda wanna steal those amazing shoes!

take care love

Oh so beautiful!

my mom has a similar trench shoved in the back of her closet! i wanted to bring it with me, but my luggage leaving home was too heavy as it. yours looks lovely

well that brings back lovely memories from sophomore year chem...and what about lab goggles? i think those deserve their moment too :)
but really, that coat is amazing and i really like that sartorialist photo - so utilitarian and basic but really cool.

Flowing coats, can't get enough of them. It looks wonderful, i love the colour contrast.

my mom has some of the most amazing pieces of vintage clothing that I steal, haha. A good trench is a total staple and you got so lucky with this one!

haha yaay for lab coats! I wonder where I left mine...

wonderful look!

This look is wonderful, love the layering. And I definitely have to try wearing that H&M long blazer as a dress - it looks great on you.

you have beautiful style.

That's so cool.

great jacket [?]
your style is perfect for your kind of beauty!
and your hair! love them.