The Gentlewoman magazine is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine--pretty impressive considering its debut issue landed on stands just a month ago. Phoebe Philo graces the cover but it only got better inside. Boasting a clean layout and leaning heavier on the content, I feasted on fascinating interviews of Phoebe Philo, architect Kazuyo Sejima (if you ever visited the New Museum on Bowery in Manhattan, it's her work) and winemaker Sara PĂ©rez. Then to top it all off, the quirky editorial (but elegantly executed) "Tall 'n Small" placed two height-opposed similarly styled models side-by-side. My favourite part: The last few pages were insane detail shots of the craftsmanship as demonstrated in the Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada Spring 2010 shows. The YSL laser cut leather strawberries looked absolutely delectable. I caught myself drooling rabidly.

It's magazines like these that make me ridiculously happy that others also enjoy obsessing over the details and delving into the personalities innovating in the fields of design, architecture and culture. Thank you The Gentlewoman!

/end love rant
I'll have to look for this mag . . .

I've seen this mag on a few blogs, but I think I'm going to have to check it out for myself now :)

It seems like a very relevant magazine! I have to read it some time!

hello. i just stumbled upon your blog and love your style. going to follow you using bloglovin now, just thought i should say hi!

looks like a great read... will def. check it out!



that is one stunning cover. I need to look for this!

I wanna see more... its really nice.

It looks great. I spend so much money on magazines every month :/ haha. Good find!

looks promising; i tried to find it locally, no results... ;/

Great find! I'll have to take a look.
Also, I LOVE your blog.
I know that I keep writing various versions of this, but it is such a cool blog.


-The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

I think I might need this :O