A couple of reasons for my lack of blogging these last few weeks. One: Hectic scheduling (mostly school-related) has compromised my outside-of-university life, so much so I find myself rarely doing laundry, making the bed, etc. Two: I'm going through a time of cleaning up mental baggage and streamlining physical possessions. It's all about quality over quantity, no fuss simplicity and practicality. Which is why I'm loving these Marlow & Sons leather pouches and bags--there's nothing frilly about them, just quality leather in pure functional form adorned with the simplest hardware. Marlow & Sons is based out of Brooklyn, NY and is actually a cafe / restaurant. There's something very fascinating about food establishments serving up design and fashion. This brings to mind the (unfortunately, now-defunct) Achilles Project in Boston which delivered pasture raised veal carpaccio, potato gnocchi, champagne, Rag & Bone, MM6 and Surface to Air all under one roof. It was insane, perhaps too ambitious a concept, but the idea was beyond awesome. I want a Marlow & Sons bag and bring back the Achilles Project!
STUNNING bad in the background!



nice to see a post from you again! :D

those bags are stunning! i can almost feel the lusciousness of the leather! :D

Ahhh I miss your posts :) Love those bags <3

I so miss Achilles!

The bags are stunning. I want them.

And it's good you're doing a clean up - I find I feel so much better after a good run through my closet and things. It's nice to have some more space to put new things in :D

And quality over quantity is a great motto to live by. I tried to do that, but I like new things too much.

It's good to have you back posting.


Gorgeous bags. Their simplicity rocks!

Make sure to enter the giveaway on my blog if you like!


A food establishment serving fashion? I love that too. Bags are great.

Welcome back! xx rk

I'm frequent visitor of your blog .. love it!
I like your outfit, your romantic photos and not be vulgar ..
however, this bag are fantastic!
if you should pass on my blog .. I'd be a great pleasure


I love that bag!!!


gorgeous! this is my first visit to your beautiful...
this is my first visit to your beautiful blog :D i really love your photos and style!

love bags ! love the black one ;)

i'd love a messenger bag like that! the color, size, durability seem perfecttt
so interesting to have a product linked so closely to food especially when food is so negatively viewed in fashion sometimes

love your blog sophia....
i follow you..


What great bags!

wow i wonder that how it cost in this bag?


these bags are perfect- so simple and chic! want! xxx

hi, i just discovered your blog! i just love it! ...

i just discovered your blog! i just love it! and your creations or outfits are amazing!!!!

i have the biggest weakness for whiskey leather purses! shame on you for temping me!

>>new post on some of my dress designs! i need feedback please =D

the bags look fantastic darling. thanks for stopping by me by the way!
you are a very talented spy i must say ;)

xx ediot

ohh love te bag!!

the brown is amazing!

you're baccckkk. yayyy.

i really do want to open a food/fashion place one day. when i'm semi-retired from my scientific career. sigh. lol. take care and don't work so hard mmmkay!

@Amy L i've done a search and haven't bee...
@Amy L

i've done a search and haven't been able to find these bags online anywhere. appears that they're only available at the restaurant. i'm hoping to venture to nyc/bk in the near future, so if i ever do, i'll do a bit of research.

The bags are lovely, thanks for sharing! An

wow just the color i ve been looking for