Hello lovelies, I've missed all of you dearly. I'm quickly stopping by and checking in. Yesterday for the 4th, fueled by good coffee and tunes by Delphic, we drove up to Provincetown (the very tip of the Cape). We walked by endless dunes, the Atlantic Ocean, and along car-less highways. We dined on homemade ice cream (peppermint stick ftw!) and overpriced haddock and chips. Boston-bound, on the highway, we saw fireworks from every direction--the perfect view I must say. I'll be back shortly with posts that hopefully will contain less grass and more outfits. See yaa!
hi love. im so glad youre back. thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.


What a picture perfect day & a beautiful vacation! Great to see you're back all refreshed!

it's so nice to hear from you again!! hope you had a great 4th of july! :D

Animated Confessions

looks like a really nice day! i love that blouse ur wearing in the first pic! gorgeous :)


Beautiful pictures!

I agree with @glamour bbey - those are stunning pictures :D

StopAndStareStyle - btw,JUST posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much appreciated :D

I love your patterned grey top and your sunnies! Looks like it was a beautiful day and that is a gorgeous landscape. :)

i hope you keep the promise!:)

Great photos, looks beautiful! You are a very natural beauty, I love that you don't pile on make-up and tanning but stay natural!

Daisy Dayz Home

Such fantastic photos. And your description sounds idyllic!

Long time no see!

extremely relaxing looking photos! you look great :)

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just lovely

Wow, it sounds like bliss, a lovely getaway. Can't wait for you to get back to regular posting :)


Awesome photos... Beautiful and comfortable environment that I want one in HK......

wowwwww i missed you!

Amazing picts!!
love your blog :)
you are so beautiful, enjoy oyur summer sweetie!!


We were due to visit province town this weekend. we went to block island instead which was breathtaking. gorgeous pictures dear. you look stunning yourself. :)

Oh girl! You rock, cool pictures, cool blog !

GORGEOUS photos, sophia! the second one is especially lovely. hope you had a great 4th of july~

sooooooooo lovely photos, so perfect !

yeah! your back!! These pics are beautiful and capture the seaside wonderfully.

Gorgeous pics, the second pic is particularly lovely. I need to get away. Like straight away.

the beach is such an awesome and looks like your out of the country!..

Lovely photos!!

love the pictures, you look amazing

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I'm glad you are back! nice pics!!
my GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow!!

What a beautiful pictures!!

these photos are fantastic!

such gorgeous shots! i love how big they are. and how vibrant the colors are too!

there seems a lots fun. love your blog.xx

Amazing photos so fresh. love road trip

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gorgeous photos! i am obsessed with the cape right now-it's a glorious summer!

These pictures are so beautiful! I love the rich green tones in the pictures!

your pics are out of this world!! the one with the red and white umbrella is my favorite, if i had to choose

wow these pics are great pics and i do like these places too

beautifull landscape, is she a chinese girl? pure and trenderness