Having done a bit of DIY in the past, M&J Trimming approached me in collaborating for their very first "Blogger of the Month" challenge. The challenge was to DIY-up a few items using only the supplies they've pre-selected for me. Here, I jazzed up a vintage silk blouse with some iron-on beads and a grosgrain bow. Want to see some more DIY ideas? Check out their blog!
How exciting! The blouse looks amazing. Congrats!

such a cute blouse

your DIYS are so inspiring. this top is perfect for the spring season!

So pretty! I think I'll make it since it's so easy.

that collar reminds me of button candy gone completely minimalist. rad.

wow that is so cool! you did a great job :)

Fashion Bag 411

Niiiiiice! That blouse looks great!

Very nice ! :)

the blouse look amazingly done!

ooh! so cute

Ooo, I really love this! So far tag.loudly has been A-mazing :)

This is SO exciting! I absolutely love it and want to give it a go myself - congratulations on such exciting news