When in doubt, I should take a cue from Arizona and Freja's effortless style and just throw some leather on mah shoulders. Today's status: AIR on repeat, wireframes for a new project, and seeing patients in clinic. I never managed to change out of my ciel blue scrubs. Throw a leather jacket on, yes?
I can't say I can disagree. The leather jacket is simply the easiest thing to spruce up any outfit even pajamas!

Patricia Ann

Two beauties with awesome style. One can always rely on a good old leather jacket!



simple but definitely chic.
they are my two fave models! i love em.
especially freja!!


Like the picture too!

Ohhh, I would love to throw on a beautiful leather jacket like that. I'll keep lust dreaming about it. I hope things aren't too stressful, and it all leads to good things in the end.

Thanks for the 'welcome back' message. I bought the domain www.fairydah.net - yay!

SO true! When my outfit sucks, one of my fave vin...
SO true!

When my outfit sucks, one of my fave vintage leather jackets give me INSTANT style cred! ;)



more than just awesome