Today was a blue jeans kind of day. So tomorrow, I head off to NYC on the primary mission of finding some raw food joints. My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with raw food for a few weeks now and it's been an up and down ride--up because we're definitely feeling and seeing some changes (clearer skin and general sense of wellbeing), but down because it's expensive, time consuming (dehydrating, researching recipes, juicing, finding the right ingredients), and the calorie intake feels unsustainable. Sometimes you just need a burger. OMNOMNOM.

I never wrote this. Must now go hide from the raw food community.
hi sophia! i really dig your blog, and appreciate your visit to mine! just an fyi- i want to link you up on my blog. i love your fashion and musical tastes, and the fact that you incorporate music + fashion on your site. i love to see bloggers doing the same; and i am attempting that myself. i mean, fashion and music are sometimes simultaneous, no? cheers!

that second picture is awesome!!