I finally had the chance to check out Muji. I left the store with this souvenir--a t-shirt squished into a small cube. I was just way too curious to not buy this one. Apparently, what comes out is an insanely wrinkled t-shirt. If Miuccia can make an entire iron-challenged collection look darn good, then I had to try this cheaper thrill out. Out of its wrapper, the t-shirt was hard to pry apart and had very much the consistency of crumpled paper. It even looked like paper.

I can't wait until someone asks me, "Ahem, I think you really need to iron your shirt," to which I'll giddily respond, "It's supposed to be like this!" Woo.
love this t-shirt, it soooo looks like paper!! It looks awesome on you too!!! xoxo

weeeeee I have this too, love how it came so small, I still have it crunched up so I can keep the wrinkles, perfect piece of clothing, no folding or ironing needed, just strew it on the bed however you like, eh. (i did cut the neckline cuz it was too tight :P) Love how you paired it, so summery!

ok methinks it should be washed crinkled up, so tied up with rubberband like you would tye die. (I wonder how well that'd wash...) OR you could wash it normally, and then dry it scrunched up like that! cut the neck cut the neck!

I´ve never heared about Muji but I love it :DD where do they sell those awesome shirt, it doesn´t look like fabric at all :DD cool