I haven't bought jewelry in ages. A while back, I collected and sold vintage jewelry as a hobby, so you can imagine how dated my collection is. Vintage is wonderful, but sometimes a gal needs something playful, funky, and new. So I pulled out some spike beads I recently ordered, some bails, a chain and pliers. Result: A basic necklace that can add some tough-chic edge to any outfit. I can definitely see myself wearing this one quite a bit. Annnd, that's your 10 minute DIY!
Sweet! I'll have to try this, the necklace looks great :D

That's AMAZING! Good DIY.

loveee this :) very good DIY! xoxo

really great DIY, sweet necklace! thanks for your comments!


I really like this necklace!! Love your blog. Can you tell me where you bought the spikes?