A little bit of a sore throat today so I piled on the scarves. 3 scarves to be exact and they just kind of hung there, rather forlorn and pitiful looking. Before running out the door I quickly braided them together. Now the scarf is even denser and warmer than before.

Talking about braided scarves, I've only recently picked up on the awesomeness that are the Damir Doma wool braided scarves. I love how they remind me of scraggly dirty dreadlocks . . . but maybe that's just me liking strange mangy things. I'll definitely be making something similar as a gift to the boyf. I'll probably wear it though! It's the thought that counts, yes?
love this scarf, and love how you wear it, these are some really beautiful photo's! xoxo

what a lovely idea braiding the scarves!

yes i love scarfs. the chunkier the better haha. and this weather is such a liar. it looks sunny but i go outside and it's windy and cold.

I love this! Great idea. :)

I really like your blog :)


I love this outfit! Blue tights are so awesome... yet so rarely worn. *sigh*

gorgeous i love the tights and ur scarf! you look fantastic

you're going to think i'm crazy but that looks like a building at my old university! ha crazienss

you don't go to cornell do u?