I really wanted to stud the underside of an oversized bag because I liked how the studs would remain discreet yet, just from the right angle, people can sneak a peek of the spiky goodness hidden beneath. I didn't want small wimpy pyramid studs either, so I found some pretty massive 1 inchers. They're pretty kick-ass looking.

All you'll need is:

- bag you're willing to sacrifice for the purposes of DIY

- studs (gold or silver, it's your pick)

- exacto knife

- kick-ass music playlist** (**not mandatory, but placing a 100 or so studs takes what seems like an eternity. Music will keep you sane from the repetition.)

Some quick pointers: Do measure the underside of your bag and make sure you'll have enough studs to fill it up entirely. There's nothing more anti-climactic than placing studs for about an hour, until about 3/4 the way through you realize you're short 50 studs and need to order more. I calculated that I needed ~100 1"x1" pyramid studs to fill the surface area of my bag. Lastly, before placing a stud in, imprint the prongs on the leather. Then take the knife and cut small slits where the impressions are. Pop the studs in, fold the prongs down, and you're done. Good luck!

niiiiice diy job!

also like the idea of braiding scarves.. ima have to try that. much easier on the eyes when you are piling them on, no?

Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

oh cool, i'd love to give that a try!


ohhhhhh wow.... that my dear is awesome, you did it on the right bag too!!the kick ass playlist is indeed a must haha :) xoxo

Mr Bird loves Charlotte, studs and your blog.
Perhaps he will diy himself in studs one day. Yes a bird covered entirely in studs is always nice.


woohoo, thanks for the comment I get to see your blog! love it, btw. I didn't know pyramid studs would look good too with this DIY! great job, looks awesome!

(I'm so following your blog btw)

i HAVE to do that!!!
thank you so much for the lovely comment btw <333
shall be favouriting your blog ;)
freakin' lethal bag xD

channy xx

ohh i love it!!!!this project is on my DIY list...looking for the perfect bag!!!yours looks fab:)

wow i am in love with how this bag looks!
you did so good on the DIY!
i would try, but im scared ill totally mess up!

would love for you to visit my blog

Great tunes. I love your DIY. What kind of material is the bag made of? I want to add studs to a faux leather bag from a thrift shop.

Beauty! And goodness me, I think I just fell in love with you and your blog!

x x x

you tied too! yours came out great

cool! i like it!


that looks amazing! you did an awesome job, and studding can be a bitch! x

Ooooh i like, i like! I want a massive cuff made from studs, might go DIY shopping next week...

may i ask where you acquired your studs? i've been looking online everywhere for one-inchers.....

Where are the studs froM?


love your blog!