Forget the vintage Schwinn I've been eyeing to purchase for my city biking urges. I've decided on a Dutch bicycle thanks to the NY Times. They're black (my fave colour), sleek, evoke an air of European chic, and I won't have to worry about getting my Spring dresses caught in the chains.

I was actually walking by Club Monaco last week before I read that article and noticed a lovely bicycle in their display window (I barely noticed any of their clothes. Yes, that's how much I loved the bike). Well apparently, Club Monaco has exclusively partnered with Royal Gazelle to sell the Gazelle Dutch Bicycle. They're a thing of beauty. Major want.

EDIT: I have been informed that the bicycle in the ad campaigns was actually a bicycle from A Black Bike not Gazelle. Thanks for the clarification!
haha i am from Canada! I live in Toronto. I'm curious, is "writing exams" a canadian thing? How do people say it elsewhere?
I love that bike too, I plan on doing a lot more bicycle riding in the summertime xo

sweet bikes always look nice ;)

channy :P

i've seen a few of these around town. melbourne is a city for bike lovers!

Oh how i miss riding my bike in the summer
only a few more weeks till it gets warmer!

how oh how could I have missed this post haha :) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these bikes, of course also because Im dutch but they are so perfect in every way!! I think the design is beautiful too :) you know, we always take people on the back of the bike sometimes even on the front so you will be with 3 people on the bike haha :) we even ride the bike with our heels!! way easier to get around then when you walk!! :) xoxo

Please note :
The Dutch Bike featured in Club Monaco's Spring Ad is NOT a Royal Gazelle

please click on link for more info

Small Bicycle Distributor Sues Ralph Lauren Subsidiary For Unfair Business Practices

Thank you