I haven't posted a daily outfit in a while, partly due to the weather acting like it's anything but Spring, allergies kicking me in the head, and exams kicking me in the rear. But here I am frolicking about in the streets. The "scarf" I'm wearing is really just a yard of bamboo jersey fabric I ordered for another DIY project in mind, but I threw it around my neck to take it for a ride before shredding it to pieces. It's the softest fabric ever and drapes so effortlessly. If I'm going to make some draped Grecian dresses in the future, I will definitely experiment with bamboo jersey first.

Also, if any of you lovely gals are looking for comfortable gladiator sandals, go to H&M and buy these black caged ones from Divided. They're cheap, soft, and the sole is generously padded. And for those who pay attention to the details, they have deliciously chunky silver zippers in the back. I walked 10+ miles in them and have not one blister or sore spot. Christian Louboutin*, can you make shoes THAT comfortable? Thought not.

*I'm not dissing Loubies, really. They're just too expensive for my 10+ mile feet. But if anyone would be so generous to donate me a pair, I'd graciously accept ;-)
this works perfectly as a scarf!!!!!! also I cant wait for your Grecian dresses :) I am all about drape! :) xoxo

woah thought that scarf was some kind of a neck embellishment, love it. Definitely will check out H&M for sandals!!

scarf is beautiful! ur outfits are ALWAYS so chic!! love it ;)

channy :P

Gorgeous outfit =D I love jersey, drapeyness is gold! I'd kill for your Chanel ;)

xx Jessie

Oh my gosh, perfect outfit? I think so. I love everything you've paired together, the look as a whole is so fashionable. I want to try knotting a tee in the front like you have xo

i love this outfit. that diy scarf bizness is amazing. i'd like to use bamboo yarn to knit sometime.
and those shoes are so tempting, but there's no h&m in australia, and i just can't cope with the postage!

iLove what you did with the shirt and iLove the scarf! very fab outfit!