I had some leftover rhinestone necklaces from past DIY projects. They weren't vintage nor signed. Actually, they're "bridal necklaces" ordered in bulk from China. So what was I going to do with 10+ rhinestone bridal necklaces? I was going to play around and have fun with them.

I whipped out some oversized safety pins (they don't look so huge in the picture, but seriously, they're near novelty-sized) and connected 4 necklaces together. Balancing the necklaces was a bit of a toughie. When I threw in the pins where I wanted them, the necklace's weight was unevenly distributed most of the time. So I struck a balance (pun-y yes), and though they aren't exactly where I wanted them to sit, it's still quite aesthetically pleasing and doesn't slide and tip over when worn. I threw in some black satin ribbon to top it all off. I can already imagine this necklace with some simple monochrome looks or against a fun floral dress.
loove how this turned out, love how you're so creative with jewellery and accessories. Can't believe you made rhinestones and safetypin work!

It looks so thrown together, like you just ran into a building grabbed a handful of the most random shiny items, and threw together a necklace in a haste... and the result is beautiful! I am truly in love. It could go w/ just about anything too... the ribbon and the safety pins...

I'm in awe!

you are aorable. and so is the necklace! you should sell them . :)

Beuatiful, I would buy this tbh :)


hi, i just found your blog and i love your diy! where did you buy the rhinestones in bulk?