Just a close-up of my fave personal project so far. It was pretty simple. I tweaked a vintage rhinestone bracelet and screwed several conical spikes onto it. It's so lethal I love it.

In terms of future projects, I think I'm moving away from rhinestones and spikes temporarily and moving into a more draping, fringe, grosgrain, and feathers direction. Yes, it sounds all a bit unrelated and word salad-y, but there's much more to come.
owh you showed a closeup, sorry :P (bloglovin one post at a time!) so loving itttt.

very, very cool, well designed and playfully dangerous!

such a work of art!!! i look forward to your new theme of DIYS1! keep it up!!!

channy ;P

ohh my gosh.
that is so incredible.
i wanttt one!

that is probably the most amazing DIY cuff i have EVER SEEN. SOO jealous.
went through your old posts and i really like your blog!!
your diy projects are so good. some are so different from anything and everything that's going on in the DIY world right now.

OMG! At first, I thought that was some expensive designer cuff! I can't believe you made it! You should definitely consider selling those because I'm going to buy one for sure! xxoxoxo

oh love love love love love, let me know if you ever want to swap for some tights haha :) xoxo

wow it´s amazing :oo I want one too!

Holy hotness, you wouldn't be thinking of selling that beautiful piece would you ;) :D

If you do you know who to call! ;)

this cuff is just WOW, its fantastic and so inspiring!
and it has two uses...which makes its even better...a weapon and a piece of art!
- kinsey

woahwoah, that is amazing! your diys are all great. lots of talent you have!


One word: wow.


I think you are completely and utterly amazing, period.

I die at your pieces!!

La C.

hey sophia! thanks for passing by and leave comments in my blog :) i really like your blog. and this one is awesome!

One of the most covetable pieces of jewelry I have seen, ever. Seriously. Wonderful interpretation of punk princess.


This is so beautiful!


i'm in love. one word- amazing.

This is one of the best ideas ever. I would wanna find a bracelet I can do this on too.