There's nothing like waking up to a nice large bowl of strawberries like this morning. Just noticed that the photo I took of my breakfast totally looks like something you'd see on iStockPhoto. Lame!

Anyway, the sunlight was gorgeous inside my condo early in the morning, but when I stepped outside the sun had disappeared behind the clouds. Consequently, Boston looked gloomy and everything appeared undersaturated. Strange. Anyway, today was the famous annual Boston Marathon, so Happy Marathon Day!
mmm i wish the strawberries in my garden would get this big... nice outfit, thanks for stopping by my blog!

nice Military Jacket and outfit are very good...

This jacket is fantastic!.Besides interesting style :)

those strawberries are begging to be eaten. just add a bit of whipped cream and voila! yumm

love the outfit. great jeans

thanks for visiting :)

You're beautiful!! :)
Love the blog. Thanks for the comments. xo!

i'm loving the military jacket!

the backdrop for your photos is so cool!
the military jacket is so cute on you :D

Thank YOU!! :) lol "ah creepy dude!" actually more cute than creepy ;) hey, your face doesn't look puffy at all, you're gorgeous! Keep it lovely. :)


happy long-legged day you mean, love that wall behind you, goes well with the strawberries upstaits. hey photos looking like stock photography isn't necessarily bad :P means you can sell it omuahaha

love the fit of the jeans!
I wish I could see that shirt though... it looks like it'd be very cool!

@Jillian it's a joy division shirt. it's hot stuff! :o)

whoa, this may sound freakishly coincidential but, i made strawberry jelly just then o.O

love that military style jacket, so it seems the weather is playing havoc on us all :(

thanks for dropping by :)

oh, and the bracelet in your previous post is AMAZING by the way.

really 'preciate the comment baq....but goodness those strawberries are making me HUNGRY!! and i love that jacket! just of it!

you look lovely! and that is one dynamic background.
i'm actually kinda hoping for cold and cloudy weather. i live in socal, so it's sunshine all year round. maybe i'm being extremely ungrateful, but i just HATE the hot and burning weather here.

oh and btw thank you for checking out my blog!


thanks for stopping by my blog.
but yeahh i do love those bracelets.
would you ever think abotu selling them?

adn those strawberries are making my mouth water. ahhaha.

Mmm, I want strawberries now. Great outfit :)

And yes! That's where I saw it, thanks.

Have a nice day!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

I love your DIY bag. It looks amazing!

MM strawberries. I can't wait to eat fresh fruit in the summer. I love your jeans soo much, and the wall is a perfect backdrop xx

i have been looking for a military jacket FOREVER. & i love the fit of your jeans.

you live in boston? i'm headed up there in the middle of may, first time visiting.

Oh gosh strawberries are my weakness! Mm - I'm craving chocolate covered strawberries with a scoop of vanilla icecream! =P

I love the coat - it's such a interesting fit!

La C.

LOVE strawberries....... u remind me of my beautiful friend shini from park & cube altho both of u are beautiful in different ways...

You look stunning! I think you are just absolutely gorgeous. :)

strawberries are so delicious!

cute outfit, and i love your diy studs/spikes projects you have going on!


Ah I will love to have some chocolate coated strawberries!

Absolutely gorgeous, yoo, your style, and your blog. Thank you for checking out my blog :)

i love that mural!

Just discover your blog and love your rhinestones DIY prijects!

love your style, love this look :) :)