That Givenchy bow headband. I want one and I'm sure it'll cost a leg and arm. So I'm hoping I can make one similar to it instead. It's now lined up on my list of DIY projects. I will report back soon enough with the (crummy) results

I love it :)

excited to see!

i love how that bow sits perfectly horizontal on her head..super cute! and so is that dress. can't wait to see your diys :)

its really cute! i want one too!

I love the headband!! I have been eyeballing it too.. diy? :)

with your crazy hardcore DIY skills, i'm sure yours will turn out equally as cute :)

Oh yes! That Givenchy headband is lovely, I cant wait to see your version of it :)

Yours will turn out just fine! It's lovely, can't wait to see it :)

Hope you have a nice weekend!

oh my, that bow is such super cute. i'm still in love...

hi, nice blog! :)