Getting the feeling I'm wearing a bit too much of H&M, yes? Anyway, I picked up these harem pants at H&M last night after a long search for a pair I'd be satisfied with. I touch absolutely everything on the store racks when I go shopping (hey, if it doesn't feel good to the hands, how can it feel good on the body??) and the viscose was surprisingly soft. Win. There was also a subtle sheen to the pants which really made them a bit more playful than the average matte black harem pants. They're so roomy and for lack of better terms, swooshy as heck. I'm not taking them off even if it makes my butt look big!

Had a humongous grapefruit and a mega dose of coffee, which now in retrospect, sounds like the perfect recipe for Regardless, I'm ready to move onto some DIY projects to get this weekend going.
I'm in shock, your blog is amazing and you have great ideas for your look. I love your hand made jewellery.

Fabulous! I wish I had the guts to try harem pants, they look so comfy. Your whole outfit looks really comfy, actually :)

Sophia this is amazing! Im heading out to the local H&M and hunting for that jacket. Unfortunately I doubt I'd be able to pull of harem pants just yet. I touch everything as well when Im shopping and my friends/family get annoyed so I'd rather do so alone haha. I cant wait to see your DIY, you've honestly inspired me to start doing some of my own. Love the spiked bracelet, you should make some more and sell them.

Love the pull them off really well! I totally know what you mean about touching EVERYTHING in a store before settling on something. I always do that, I always want to have the very best thing I can possibly get if I'm going to spend money. I absolutely hate when I'm walking out of the store and have paid for everything and then see something I didn't see before on my way out!
Fab outfit post :) You look great.

xox, mavi

love love love this! you look gorgeous as always and I love your style a lot!! xoxo

This looks fab! I'm so in love with your deadly bracelet below! =D
Thanks for your sweet comment! Love your suggestions LOL I have a study playlist too, but its more classic and easy listening because I like to listen to music while I study! Phew at least I got through that week =D

xx Jessie

love the pants!
haha i touch everything on the store racks too! people working at the stores must hate it XD

xx, Geri

If you're going to wear it, you should be allowed to touch it!

I think harem pants are insanely difficult to pull off (I for one have too round a bum) but they look great on you!

super cute.
you pull off the pants so well!


Those pants fit like a dream on you. I totally can't pull those off.

Believe me if i had an H&M id be wearing a lot of it too

You look so put together!! I love the first look with the blazer..


Thanks, you're such a doll. I'm loving those pants. I found some in Target, I'm thinking about them now.

I wish H&M was closer to me. :(

I've gotta take a look for a pair of those pants next time I get the chance to go to H&M... I love them

You look great! And pretty much my entire wardrobe is from H&M haha.

Gorgeous. I love those pants and how youve slouched it all together.

Totally get what you mean, I have those days where I think am I wearing too much of a certain brand. As long as it looks hot (like you do) it shouldnt matter. YAY


great photos! u look gr8!


your outfit looks great!

i like the pants with the blazer. :)

well my fav act at coachella was definitely the yeah yeah yeahs!! that was my second time seeing them and they amazed me both times. the killers, mia, and MSTRKRFT were also really good!

hi sophia,

thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. wow, my jaw totally dropped seeing your blog and your style-effortless and frikking cool. gad, i could only drool! your style is supreme as well.

your comment was very thoughtful-- no one else really noticed the sidebar. and yes, i love a flock of seagulls! never gets old, noh?

for that, i'll definitely be an avid follower of your site. love it!

much love


great blog you have, you look like the star of a streetstyle blog.

haha, i know what you mean about too much H&M, but can one REALLY have too much H&M?! love the slouchiness of this outfit, so effortless yet so stylish.

- frouu

hey! i love your blog =D i've tracked back all the way back to the beginning already! (not stalking..) but i love it! Your outfit it really cute here and I love the street you're on :D