I'm aware that it's nearly May and I'm still wearing a trench and scarf. Don't be fooled by the light in the photographs, I swear it's still cold out here!

Today I'm wearing lots of black, blue and gray. I really do want to whip out the florals and a lighter palette, but I guess my subconscious is in mourning--mourning the onslaught of exams and my allergies that continue to kick me in the head. Yay?
Well it is still spring-ish...it's cold here too. Your sunglasses are kinda deceiving though:P
Sketchy subway station shops in Asia are sometimes better than highstreet stores in europe, cuz hey, I really like that dress :P

I love your hair in the second photo, it makes the shot really interesting. Who takes photos for your blog?

i should go shopping with u sometime !!! how's going? missing u~~~~

love love love this!!! you always have such a nice way of putting things together, effortless and sophisticated and your eye for detail is amazing!! I soooooooooooooooooo envy your figure!! you have the most perfect long legs!!! :)

love it you look cute!

the dress is incredibly chic! love the colours on it :))

i really love ur look, its so cute :)
thanks for the comments, i only spent 1hr at the most on each DIY.

Cutecutecute outfit!!!!! You look so chic!

hahaha the fact that you got that dress at a sketchy store in shanghai subway makes it EVEN better :) super cute outfit! hahahah my wardrobe, no matter the season, is dominated by black and grey anyway. i'm boring like that :/

Lovely, what a nice dress!

I love this outfit, so simple and cute. I hope your exams go well and that your allergies settle down soon! xx

I've been down and out lately. I have way to much black and blue in my closet. I need more colors.

This out fit is awesome look simple but so attractive i only say the most beautiful girl in black.

Hey chick in black you look awesome this outfit is wonderful and accurate about your personality.