T-shirt: Kate Moss for Topshop Cardigan: Club Monaco Skinny jeans: BDG Oxfords: vintage Etienne Aigner Faux fur collar: vintage

I pass by this church nearly every day since it's a few steps from where I live. It's massive, gorgeous, and haunting. Today, I finally climbed its steps and snapped a quick photo in front of it. The rain hadn't dried yet and the lighting was quite magical.

Wearing nothing too special today . . . just the usual city frolicking outfit consisting of oxfords, skinny jeans, a cardigan and tee. My bf and I then proceeded to eat the heartiest breakfast ever at a diner where people at the tables on either side of us were popping pills and sharing them amongst each other. White ones, pink ones, oval ones, triangle ones. It was nice.
mh closer indeed...I really like those shoes :>

the skinnies are great! and the shoes too :)) i like such simple outfits, they're very chic :) greetings!

i looove the jeans,


i loove the color of your boots! btw i liiinked you :)

Ah! I <3 your shoes...

BDG jeans are awesome. The boots are a great color! I was wondering what brand are your black ankle boots from ebay in your previous post? I have been looking for some exactly like theM!

Wow you rock the skinny jeans so well..=)


You look amazing as always. I become obssesed about fur scarfs.

im so impressed by those jeans! club monaco?! thats unreal!

Your shoes are amazing. I've been looking for some red oxfords for an age. Beautiful blog =)

I love your style. simple yet strong.
p.s I am adding your blog my stalk list!


i love that look. the jeans fit perfectly on you.

I love scary old buildings. There is something magical about them.

Beautiful! I ove the oxfords and the faux fur! the colors work beautiful together! :)

those skinny jeans looks so good on you! how do you think they fit? i think i might get a pair for myself, hehe :)

foggy weater is great, greyt that my poem was so right. haha.
and no i think you totally no that you look all other than scary.

So I was going to tell you I liked how your jeans fit you... then I saw your shoes......... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes!


anyway, now that i've stopped drooling, how've you been?

First of all i want tell you that you are so much good looking your personality is so decent and jeans suit you so much.