Spring makes me break out in hives, but it doesn't make Spring any less pretty to me.

Also, apologies for the lack of posts this week. My desk is cluttered with projects and my walls filled with pictures and ideas. Now, I just need to find the time!

Lastly, I'm making a few rhinestone necklaces for friends and fellow bloggers. I barely wear any of the stuff I make and I don't want any of it to collect dust, so I have a handful of lovely ladies in mind to send out little packages to. Keep your eyes peeled :o)
i really need flats. All I wear are heels and i need some casual wear! Yours are very cute :)

oh my. oh my oh my. eyes peeled. such a sweet photo, are those petals actually part of your shoes?? sounds like such a stupid question...

I didnĀ“t get this pic until I realised that those are feet xDD