After seeing many iterations of fringe leggings online, in stores, and on people, I've been wanting to make myself a pair, except I'm not a big fan of leggings, so I decided to purchase some fringe and sew it onto some opaque black tights instead. Here there are.

I'm thinking of trying this with different color tights and contrasting it with funky colored fringe (like mustard yellow tights and white fringe, gray tights with white fringe, for example). Anyway, these are ultra comfy and I've never had so much swooshing around whilst walking. Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

i love it! you did a great job.

They look gorgeous!
Amazing job on them!

I bought some fringing the other day.... haven't got around to using it. Thinking maybe using it on purple. But that may look awful We'll see...

haha, it's such an inspirating post!

holy hotness you are a genius.
fringing makes my heart happy.
I want to make swooshy noises.


(my goodness I was gonna do that :P) love how it turned out Soffiifififia, and I'm sure with your long legs wearing them will be even more effective. purrrfect.

omg i love these!!!!!! just looking at them make me want to twirl around and run everywhere with the wind blowing through the fringe hahaha

sophiaaaa yet another GENIUS diy! sooo cute how it turned out :D

Amazing DIY!


Another amazing creation! absolutely stunning! hot hot hot! I'd love to see you walking down the street w/ those one and some killer heels!

Great job! Interesting idea.

these are killer x great blog

That is actually really clever.

i love that, brilliant!

BRILLIANT!!! loveeeeee, yeah I love how my legging swoosh swoosh with walking but these are way more swooshy!! genius :)

good idea girl.
looks such sooo cool and good.
birllant or something like that.

great idea!!! cool result, congrats!

These are incredible, I will definitely be trying this DIY out!

Where did you get those fringes??

sooooo coool.

I feel like Lady Gaga would rock these.

so so cool!

thank you for the lovely comment hehe