I made this necklace a little while back and it's just been sitting on my work desk collecting dust. I've actually made a bunch of stuff and all of it has just been collecting dust, and, really, it makes me a little sad. What do I do with all these items? Throw them all in one big box? Wear them every blue mooon? Dust them off every so often and take photos of them (psshh)? So when my dear friend (she recently started blogging, so stop by and say hi!) said she had been searching for a necklace just like it, I said, "Take it!!" So I wrapped the necklace up and topped off the box with a grosgrain ribbon. This made me ultra happy. So I've decided I will start posting projects I've been working on / finished that I'd like to give away. It can range anywhere from headbands, garments, accessories, whatever my hands are making at the moment. It'll be a learning experience for me and a reader may even like it enough to wear it! Win-win. Keep your eyes peeled, there will be some major making going on here in thsi space. Design for all x.
This is a fantastic idea! Now we will have the opportunity to wear some of your fabulous creations!

I love all the stuff you do! so I hope to get something!

lOoove this idea, it'll make me come back day after day for a chance to get something as awesome! :D

omgggg what an awesome idea. i can't WAITTTTTTT to (hopefully) get some gooodies!!!

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this idea!!!! and i can't wait to see what items youre going to make and post!! i hope at least me or sha get some of your goodies so we can shaaaaaaaaaaare..or maybe i'll just steal it from her heheheh.

You are too generous and creative!! looking forward to your next projects!


aaw that necklace is so pretty : DD and these photos are too cute <3<3

oh my! you're amazing :D xx
oh my!
you're amazing :D

just found your blog.
3:54 am-search of pyramid.studding diy's.
so here you are.

lovely things here-
will be coming back often...!!

How exciting! What a cool idea :D Love your blog..

xox, mavi

Aww, that's an amazing idea! Good luck :D


loveeeee this!!! and you have the most amazing diy's!!!! it feels good right to give something away? :) and I love how you are planing to do it!!! <3

and I dont think you will get 2 comments, I think you will get a lot!! mark my words :)

WOW. that necklace. would love to see a photo of someone [her] wearing it.

Love it soooo much!
and loving your pants too...
Wanna exchange links?