While sparing details, the last several days can be easily summed up by IV caffeine, growing muffin tops, and adopting a polyphasic sleep schedule (alternating with a no-sleep schedule). Apparently polyphasic sleep is referred to as "napping in extreme situations" that the US Military, Canadian Marine Pilots, the Italian Air Force and NASA resort to in times of crisis and/or other extreme conditions. This makes me hardcore, right?

In other news, I've been able to make a few things too in between sleep and zombie-studying, one of them a spike hairband that I'm wearing in these photos. I love it so. I'm also sporting my new pair of favourite pants. They're faux leather and I think I want to live in them.

Wearing Deena & Ozzy quilted bag, Silence & Noise faux leather pants, H&M denim dress, DIY spike hairband

That headband plus that tunic makes you look like a bad-ass princess! Those pants are also to-die-for, they look great on you.

loving the contrast between the cuteness (?) of a headband and then the spikes, the fauxleather pants are aussssuum with those shoess...

pants and headband are amazing. ah how many times have i said i love your diys!?

i lvoe how the pants and the heels look like they are one . its nice.. oh man careful with the sleep make sure you get the right amount .. iwont elaborate but at somepoint lastyear i ended up in the hospital for lack of sleep

those leather pants look uber cool with those shoes

love the spikes on the headband paired with the metal chain of the bag.

i adore your headband.

omg faux leather pants is so hard to pull off and i think are super uncomfortable but you make them look soooo comfy..also that headband is so hardcore!! For a second there I thought your pants were connected to your shoes and i thought WOAH COOL.

the leather pants/boot combo look seamless like ur just wearling one big pair of pants w/ shoes on them i LOVE that!

nothing more stunning! they really elongate your legs too which makes it even better!

and i would DIE for your headband how freakin awesome! <3

hope ur well... enjoy your 4th of july xo
<3 <3

that shot of you walking looks so badass hehe :D sigh another one of your awesome diy creations, eh? soooo good

I luv ur pants and shirt!! Ver chic!! Jasna xx

this is perfect! love the leggings, shoes, dress & hairband, yes love it all!! :)

I love everyting about this outfit!!!!! loveeee it :)

looove the outfit! Gorgeous. Hope things are okay on your end...

xox, mavi

That dress is gorgeous, I love H&M!

You have an absolutely exquisite face, so unusual!

ooh I have a studded head band. I am totally going to post it on my blog!

p.s I love love your pants!

Those pair of pants are rad! And that spiked hair band! Divine! Great outfit!

I think if I have faux leather pants like yours, I would wanna live in them too!

Just discovered your blog btw, and I'm definitely following u! :)


The dress makes her look more beautiful.

Aubade lingerie

your blog is fantastic, i'm adding you to my blogroll ;)