I am alive and well. I'm still makings things and I'm still wearing clothes (haa) -- I just haven't had the time to document it the past week.

This is all because I have tragically metamorphosed into a test-taking monster (RAWR!) having taken 6 exams last week and studying for 3 more this week and another 3 more the week after. Don't feel bad for me, it's just I wanted to share the reason I've been a bit absent despite me thinking about blogging nearly every minute of my day.

To those who aren't filling in Scan-tron bubbles with #2 pencils this summer, please frolic in some fields, make some daisy headbands, splash your toes in cold lake water, bike in a vintage cruiser in a summer dress with a basket full of fresh hydrangeas for me. Then send me a postcard. It'll make me happy :o)

Lastly, the sweetie over at Green Zebra Studio featured me in her recent blog entry. Thanks!
hehehe you're so cute. good luck with your exams!!! i knew about the endo thing cause my boyfriend studies the same thing.

Oh I read that post! I must say, you really deserve that cause I also love following your blog because of your sense of style.