Very soon I'll be switching to a new D-SLR, the Nikon D90. I've been using an old D70 for all my shots and with its now-puny 6 megapixels, occasional fringing, moiré pattern effects, wacky white balance issues, and a microscopic LCD display, it's time to move on. My new camera, not only will offer 12.3 megapixels (Phosphene Fashion, now featuring Sophia's pores and sebaceous glands), but it has the added feature of digital video. Maybe some vlogging might be fun?

Not too sure why I even put together this entry. Maybe I just wanted to take another photo of my new favourite headband? Probably.
wow i wish i had a D90

heaheahe cuuuuuute
and duh your skin looks flawless okay even on a Hi-Def 100 inch screen Im sure your face is gonna be beautiful haha

yes yes yes vlogging would be the best :) :)

Love the headband...I've been wanting to get a new camera! I'm attached to my old one thouhg, hehe...


wooow, nice pic, cute boww!! your are very lucky love the camera!!

u so cute))..