This summer, Boston has been rather somber. Everything looks and feels unsaturated and slightly tinged with blue and gray. An umbrella and jacket have become staples to my summer outfits. As strange as it seems, I love it. The city is quieter and it allows me to be a bit more pensive. A large mug of coffee and some good music is really all I need on these kind of days.

Today comprised of exam taking, running about in the rain, making mock ups for a new idea, lots of coffee (IV caffeine anyone?), and the most delicious frozen yogurt ever.

Wearing men's sweater, bamboo jersey scarf, H&M bandage dress, H&M headband, opaque tights, and caged booties from eBay
This outfit is PERFECT! I am seriously in love with those boots, but the whole look is just amazing. I want a bandage dress badly, but fear they don't work on all body types!

it's all about how you style around it, amelia. plus, with your body type, it'll look amazing so don't be timid :)

Hey Sophia... I've been following your site and I love your posts. You're in Boston? Do you go to Harvard? I kind of thought it looks like the Harvard vicinity in your pictures. Just guessing for fun. See ya later!

that bow is adorable i love the scarf and those heels are amazing

sweet sweet sweet, I´m jealous.

this is gorgeous, i love your outfit!

i looovee the monotone grey in this outfit :D your headband is too damn cute :D

love the outfit and loveeee the bow!!!

so lovely.

A perfect cutie her look is.

Aubade lingerie

I added you to my link list. I am dumbfounded by your awesome style. (And carefully taking notes :)