I love this pair of frames. I am convinced that with these glasses my IQ is 50 points higher. They were purchased at Fabulous Fanny's in East Village. If you're looking for a sweet selection of vintage, vintage-inspired, and new old stock frames, you can't go wrong with Fab Fanny's. Can't wait to go again.

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they are adorable.!

cute glasses!! I rmb fabulous fanny's..loads of glasses..very overwhelming haha. Glasses look really cute on you!

i think i have a problem. i own three different pairs of nerd glasses, none of which are my prescription. but oh, i love them.

You look adorable in those! I really wanted vintage frames, but couldn't find any reasonably priced. Ended up with big nerd ones instead.

Adorable glasses :D & I love your outfit!

the frames are so chic and add a great quirk to your look

such nice glasses :) and i love love love that duffle coat.

gahh they're amazing. You make me want to need glasses. I've been coveting the similar ray-ban sunglasses for an age. Looking gorgeous :)
Alice x

cute jacket!

So cute! Those glasses are awesome, and I really like your shoes as well.

Wow ! Incredible style ! Nice to meet u ;)
Wow !
Incredible style !
Nice to meet u ;)

Those glasses fit your face perfectly!! They are wonderful, you should wear them all the time! So cute! I love your blue coat and the way you paired it with black and cognac :)

hey! thanks for visiting my blog :) i love your style. it's got a bit of vintage, but it isn't too heavy or try-hard like some others out there.

haha so i asked you about ontd_ff because i saw that magdalena picture from VP and you titled it "werking", which looks like something that would come out of there :) i'm a part of the community and i visit quite often because it's so amusing, as you've said too.