I picked up this little vintage star print number during the winter and only recently have gone around to altering it. It came with the puffiest long sleeves and the hem ran all the way down to mid-calf. It was star overload . . . literally seeing stars. I chopped the sleeves off and the excess from the hem. The dress has a far more contemporary fit and I believe it has a lot of mix-and-match potential now.

Anyway, I'm currently in Maine. We were driving back from a dance party around 2am and the highway and streets were completely dark and empty, the only light from the crescent moon overhead. Morrissey was playing and it was just us and the car weaving down the smooth dark road. It was truly magical. I also tasted the freshest homemade orange marmalade and breathed some great air. It really is nice to get away from the city once in a while. Enjoy the weekend lovelies. xx.
Perfect ! Totez love it. xx

homemade orange marmalade sounds GOOOODDDD.
that start dress is too cute. especially with the bow in front? suuuper cute!

you look super adorable . im jealous you can do the sock with heels and look so good

Cute dress! Love your blog! Thanks for the comment!!

My goodness, you look sweet in this dress. Whenever I buy vintage dresses they always need nips and tucks before they look frumpy free.

PS - Maine is magical . . . it seems like the clouds hang so low there you can touch them. And I've never seen such clean looking lakes before (except in Norway).

Yesss it's really nice to get out of the city once in a while. And yummy homemade orange marmalade is exactly what I need right now :)


I really LOVE this. I love the socks with sandals.

so pretty and youthful! I love the print!

This is so adorable!

Yup, that's my playlist! I really recommend the MJ cardholder thing-a-ma-jig. Completely tiny, a bit impractical, but just big enough for a couple of credit cards & cash. It's really the most adorable cardholder clutch I've ever seen.

Adore the simple dress and those the socks/heels combination, just perfect !!

And your photos always look amazing :) Who takes photos for you ?

Oh wow, love what you've done with the dress! And I'm definitely digging the socks+heels combination.