I've been cutting circular discs out of leather nearly the whole day for a new DIY project I've been working on. I'm slowly drowning myself in them and my room is starting to reek of fresh leather. I'll probably have it done and posted on here early next week!

DIY GIVEAWAY: A pair of embellished tights! They have fragile little organza flowers each topped off with a pearl sewn onto them. Anyway, I'm giving these tights away, so leave a comment and I'll select a winner. I recently did a DIY giveaway and really enjoyed it, let's keep it going. Good luck lovelies!

Those are stunning! You made them? I feel so scared I would rip them trying to sew! I am working on headbands myself right now, crocheting little flowers, I bet they would look cute on black tights for fall.

I WANT! glad to have you back blogging :D!

those tights are GORGEOUS. (: and i love the dress.

oh my dear, the tights are wonderful! i never tried to do anything like that, but i might try in the future. they remind me of what a fairy would wear, or possibly the snow queen from Andersen's story. they really are beautiful <3

Lovely tights!! Just wonderful!!!:)

i love your outfit, its so cute! i really love your hair too. i wish i could DIY stuff, but i'm pretty terrible at making things

those tights are beautiful. it must be such an effort to embelish them like that. glad you started a blog, i love your outfits on chictopia. xoxo

I love these tights, they're much more minimal compared to the other DIY ones I've seen. Also, I'm loving that dress. So pretty! And seriously girl, you are so generous.

omg, I absolutely LOVE those tights.
I absolutely LOVE those tights.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !
I love picnic baskets and yes, loved that you can put quite a number of things in it:))

I love your dress and what you did with the tights :) Been wanting to try that,but was afraid I mess up !

And the little flowers on it are beautiful,remind me of flowers in the gardens <3

Ohhh,I've followed you and added you to my blogroll

Oh wow I love your outfit and clever idea about the tights! I want it!!!

OMG. I love you. You're so beautiful. I so want to draw you now.

(I love the shape of your face!)

those tights are gorgeously amazing! <3

i love these tights! they has so much potential: with pearls and a cardigan for a preppy look; with a moto leather jacket for rocker-romantic mix; boots&long coats to bring the winter drab of heavy wools back to life c:

oh i absolutely adore the colour palette of this outfit. the romantic dress with blazer is ever so classy. i have a secret love for sheer tights. they're less stuffy and yet cover you up.

giveaways are such a great idea to share the fun (:

Hi, Thank you for your comment :) I love your blog, and those tights are great!

hello!thanks for your comment.Your blog is great i love your style.see you soon

Thankyou for your comments on my blog!
These tights are beautiful, and your blog is great too!


great tights, great diy!

I love your glasses! & the tights! Awesome.

draw me, really? if you're serious, then i'd love to see. i initially was drawn to your blog because of those black and white illustrations, kind of like something from a tale.

let's get in touch!

Gosh you do have a lovely blog here, I say that quite alot but yours really is lovely! What really caught my eye was that little studded headband at the bottom of your page-its a beauty, where did you get the studs from? really nice tights too, they are very sweet-i've tried customising tights before but mine went all ruched, I may have to have another go after seeing this!

p.s linked!

Absolutely adore your blog - big fan of DIY myself, might have to feature it in WINK but undecided whether to put myself in images and make it more personal!
Thank you so much for your comment.. So nice to see people liking the images and inspiration we find.
I hope we can maybe collaborate in the future?


YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! Love your glasses by the way:)


Those tights are darling. It's hard to believe they were DIY.

Wonderful outfit!
I really like it :)
specially the colors.


seriously !? i would love to win a pair of these

I love the blazer and the way you match it with the skirt and the glittering star tights..hehe...
is that part of your assignment? are you a design student?

aaww gimmmee, so cute!!!! that second pic of you is so cuties hahahha.

how was seeing patients btw?

I really liked your golden dress. Where did you get?

i love coming across a blog like yours...its a breath of fresh air....simple unpretentious style!

Delicate blossoms
Cluster on my lovely tights
White as fair dove

I would like them, please.

love the haiku fifi!

how do i get in contact with you?

@Sofie i got the gold dress in shanghai (though, ...

i got the gold dress in shanghai (though, i believe, it's by a korean designer).


omg your hair is sooooo amazing
and those tights are so cute

One word: I mean,...

One little sentence: You're fantastic.

Thank you for that comment, you're so sweet! And, yes, I would love to!

Sophia: E- mail me at lovelylittlefifi@gmail.com. ...
E- mail me at lovelylittlefifi@gmail.com.
Thanks! That is such a nice compliment.

is the giveaway over ? can i play, can i play ??