My room reeks heavily of leather because of this giant box of scrap leather pieces, but I don't mind it so much because it smells of DIY productivity! For the past few days I've been tracing and cutting leather discs, cutting smaller holes within each disc, and sewing them onto a cardigan. My fingers feel a bit tender from the prying and cutting, but I'm convincing myself that it'll be worth it in the end when I have re-created thisfor far less than $320. MUAHAHA. I've also cut enough leather discs for 2 of these jackets. So when the time comes, I'll be giving one away to a reader.

Just a preview of the jacket I've started and mah big face. Many more blistered fingers to go.

That jacket is going to look insanely good. It reminds me of Gaultier's mermaid collection a couple years ago, which I really loved.

SOPHIA you are officially a diy GENIUS! I can't wait to see the finished product. i waaannntt onneeee!!!!

I love your blog! You are really pretty, thankyou for your comment, good luck with your jacket, looking forward to seeing the results :)
follow for follow? x

oh my god, i would absolutely die if i could have that jacket!

really similar to my favourite sequin cardigan.

where did you get your leather scraps from... oh and where did you bulk by the wedding diamante necklaces from?

Love love your blog. xxxxxx

amazing! I can't wait to see how it turns out

@ATJ i found (very reasonably priced) leather scraps on ebay and etsy. you have to do a bit of searching and digging, but a good deal is there. i suggest buying scrap leather which is far cheaper than whole pieces.

as for the rhinestone necklaces, i bought them in bulk on ebay as well. however, i like to use vintage rhinestone pieces (estate sales, etsy...) for the nicer projects.

hope this helps

The jacket is looking good !! Really beautiful,cant wait to see the final result !

it's THE topshop jacket! i also had the idea of d.i.y-ing it so it's superb to see someone trying it first, haha :)

Wow, this is by far, my favorite DIY of yours. Girl, you are seriously so talented and creative - I'm jealous! I can't wait to see the finished product.

you're amazing

this is so incredibly cool!! like i really want to know how your doing some of your diy's. can you post some simple tutorials for this, and the beautiful lace givinchy inspired dress you made? :)

I know I'm quite late to comment on this post, but I have to say that I love love love your amazing leather disc sweater. I hope you don't mind, but I've been working on one myself. It's just a fabulous project and looks like a million bucks!