Today was: white wall, denim, uncombed hair, fringe boots, an unsaturated Sunday. I put on some ripped up cropped denim shorts, my fringe booties that I'm wearing for the first time, and my favourite part, a white bed sheet tied up and contorted to add some shape and volume. Alright, I'm just kidding about the bed sheet part. The top is actually from what I believe to be a Korean brand, Baking Soda. I did a Google search and was unsuccessful at finding any more details. A shame because I love the minimalist aesthetic, the material, and form factor (even if it looks like a bed sheet). Give me a bed sheet over a form-fitting t shirt any day!

Finally, the winner of the last DIY giveaway is Fifi. She wrote the most unexpected haiku about the embellished tights and I loved it. I'll be shipping it off soon! I'm also in the works of a genuine leather disc jacket (styled after the Topshop one I spied several months ago but couldn't afford with its $320 price tag, sigh). More details about this DIY project in the next entry!
Bed sheets tops are the best-I bought a vintage edwardian blouse for about £10 last year, and then when I got it home my mum and I realised it had been handmade out of a bedsheet! Its sort of weird and nice at the same time! Love the look of your leather jacket too, I am about to go and check out the one you are basing it on...

Oh my, thank you so much! Again, you can email me at Thanks again!

ow...this one..I like it..
good for my next summer...a
and yes it's winter at my place now... T_T

wow, amazaing outfit!
I remember Lindsay Lohan wearing the same boots, what brand are they?


im obsessing over the boots..whereeee did u get those