Look what I found in my closet today . . . this necklace was made from the remnants of a vintage rhinestone necklace, satin ribbon and spike beads. I made this to play around with the whole ribbon and rhinestone combination, kind of a like an experiment and in the hopes of recreating something more everyday-wearable but still luxurious like those luscious Lanvin ribbon necklaces. Ah, still so much to learn.

I'll select a comment below as the next owner of this fun little piece.


Pretty pretty adorable piece ! Really simple yet really chic !

Ohhh it's going to go well with my all time favourite cape :)

I am so in looooooooooove with this necklace! I love all your DIY, even you inspired me to make a rhinestones one, but mine are not so good as yours.
Is there anything I can do to be choosen?

If not I will die of envy....


Oh, wow!! This is soooo awesome! I love ribbon/metal combinations! They work so well together!! Hope I win(fingers crossed!!:):))

Ahhh I love this necklace!
The rhinestones and spikes and the ribbon? is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

that necklace is hot. i love the mixed textures.

Fabulous as always. I want to make a ribbon necklace, but with really wide ribbon. Your DIYs have inspired me to start a craft night with the girls, my first one is tomorrow!

The necklace looks great against the white of the t-shirt. Simple but with this edgy twist. Love it.

soo gooood :D at a glance, the spikes look like little ice cream cones. EVEN BETTER!!!!

OMG it looks amazing.

I'm gonna be the next owner muhahahahaha that piece is awesomee

the necklace is quite lovely! :) i never saw anything similar. thank you for the comment! :) riding bike is amazing <3

what a great cute necklace!! Your DIYs are always so amazing. and you look so cute in that last pic ehaheahe

haha shini, you are too cute!

OMG this is such a cool peice! I really really want this lol. Your very talented. I would live to match this up with some nice attire its a badass chain.


YOU! touch, you're it.
Sending you lovemail <3
(And see, I have magic powers.)

Hope it isn't too late to enter! I absolutely love that necklace, what a great DIY!


god, i'm so sorry i missed this great giveaway!!

So cute, reminds me a bit of the E&J dagger necklace.

oh my god that is gorgeous

so wicked!

so pretty, i'm loving all this creativity! xxx

i love d.i.y projects too :D

my latest diy project is a layered necklace :)