Wearing my DIY fringe tights, a monochrome floral shirt and a bandage dress.

Congrats to Shini of Park & Cube! I'll be shipping the necklace to her. I know she'll rock it crazy. Mad respect for her.

Gorgeous outfit!! You look so happy and pretty! <3

Oh I guess it was too late, disregard my comment on the last post. But anyhow, I loooove your tights! Looking fierce girlie!


Adorable outfit!

Those tight are to die for !! Can I have one too pleseee ? Heeee LOL

Anyway,love that you belted the outfit and the print and your floral shirt is beautiful :)

tights are really cool! simple and nifty! :) simple basics always work, especially with such smart accesoires!cool!

Nice leggins great idea with it ;)

hello dear.. :)
i curently left a comment on your Chictopia blog, (asking how to make this DIY tights).. and if I didn't get it wrong, you told me to visit ur blog so u can gimme a tutorial.. :) and you also said tht u might be able to give away one too :)
i don't really know how this DIYgiveaway things work,dear..:'( am i suppose to do sumthin' to show u that i worth the giveaway?
in case i didnt get the giveaway,will you still teach me how to make this tights?

Thank you soooooo muuuccchhhh for telling me and being sooooo nice (approving my friend request) And i'm sorry to bother you with so many many Qs.. lol. :D


Only to let you know: I am dying right now...but at least I will die happy knowing Shini has the necklace.

Love your outfit!

wowwww i love this outfit!
can't believe you created these terrific tights, you're great sweetie!!!

I didn't notice the fringing in the first photo so I was all like "what fringe?" and then I scrolled down. You definitely know how to rock those tights!

oh wow, this outfit is incredible !! im in love with the fringe with the blazer . this is perfection . i mean it .... this is perfect!

I love the silhouette of this outfit.

the fringe tights are amazing. Amaaaazing

Those tights are absolutely perfect - I've never seen anything like them before! I love how they show movement so well, I want a pair!
Wish I was as DIY savy as you.
BTW, I love your blog, following!

everything goes so well together, the tights are fab!

you look stunning. I love the monochrome palette, the oversize shirt and print, and of course, the fringing!

AND now you have the same shirt as me! okay... this is getting a little weird! looks good though :D