I've been busy to tears lately so please do pardon the eye bags and the overall disheveled demeanor. On the plus side, the air was wondrous today. Yes, even the polluted city air. I breathed it all in. Don't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow with Black Lung.

I picked up this top at H&M after being blown away by the sunset and ocean print. I threw on some orange socks to bring out the orange in the shirt and topped it all off with my DIY spiked bag. OK, now I promise to go get some sleep. Zzz.
I've seen soooo many many kinds of studds.. but haven't seen one that big.. :)
Lovely bags!

anyway, just like the title of this post.. My best sunset is : at the roof-top of Taman Sari ruins in Jogjakarta,Indonesia..
You can see the wonderfull sunset while the houses down the street started to lit their lamps one by one. It look like there's a road toward the sunset.
It become more special because I had my BF with me. :)

P.S sorry for my poor English.. :'(

your bag is fantastic !

This tee you have is perfect to pair with anything :) LOVE all the colors being thrown together!

Girl,you look beautiful ! No worry about the eyebags and stuff. heeee

Ohhh my!! I've never thought that DIY studded bags could be dne like how you did yours ! Its even nicer than those normal sized studds :) Yours are really huge but its lovely !

Where did you get those huge studs from ??

that top fits you really well. and i really like that little sock detail. very cute :)

how long did it take you to grow your hair that long? i've been growing mine out for ages -.-

I found you via Chictopia and I gotta say I love your style! I'm adding you onto my blogroll! Can't wait to see what else you have in store~~

amazing heels and bag! love the shirt as well

Wonderful outfit!
I love your hair :)


I know I already commented this one on your Chictopia, but now I have to ask - where did you get studs that big? Actually, where do you buy studs in general?

denise bought the same top last week!! hehehehe. i looooveeeee how you wore orange socks with it.
and the giganticness of those studs is awesome :D

Wow, that bag is simply amazing!! Can't believe you did it yourself; I love the studs on the bottom.

oh man i need a bag like that

ahhhh still loving that bag. seirously amazing. i got the dress/tee toO!! I loooove it but you style it so cutely with the orange socks!!! I never would've thought of that haha

Wait, girl, how tall are you? I just noticed your dress goes to your mid-thigh. I bought a small and it hits right before my knees. I like your length a lot better!