One of my best friends gave me this blue Uniqlo dress shirt. She told me with a slightly exasperated tone, “you always wear black.” I believe that was her hint to me to incorporate more of the colour spectrum into my wardrobe. Of course, I’ve failed her and wore this today with black leather pants, a black silk sash, black bow hairband and black clutch. Sorry hun, I really did try.

Cute little story follows:

So I wore this on my way for a morning cup of coffee. It was pouring but undeniably beautiful out. The lighting was nice so I asked the boyf to snap a few before leaving. I opened the door and jumped into the rain. He then closed the door behind me and started snapping photos from inside through the window. Oh man, cracked me up! People walking by seriously thought I was off the rocker jumping around in the rain by myself. RAIN IS FUN.
you look so great!love the leather pants!<3
xxx cody

making my rainy days bright again.

luv, the boyf (how exactly is that pronounced?)

Funny story!:) Lovely photos! Love the rain!!:):):)

LOVE the leather !

I love this outfit, especially the shoes. I must add, your DIY projects are rather fierce. Thanks for the comment, I love your blog!

these shots are adorable! I love them, and your blog is stellar
Care to trade links?


oh!!! this is such wonderful pictures .... i adore them in motion and you looked like you are having so much fun w/ the rain!!!! actually, it didn't bother me a bit when it rained in last couple of days .... truly enjoyed the clear-smell of air after the rain, xoxo

Ahhh I love this outfit!!! Absolute perfection; I think it takes a certain someone to pull off leather pants and you have done it magnificently.
I wear black a lot too, but it's chic and flattering!

I LOVE this!!

I love your shoes, and pretty much this whole outfit.

such cute photos! ive always wanted to do a shoot in the rain but we've had such good weather i havent had the chance!

Thanks for the tips on the studs ! I'll go check that out :)
And yes yes,bring those harem pants back girl !

Ohhh my,your photos are beautiful ! Taking outfit shots in the rain ?! You did it perfectly :)

Your story is so funny ! Didn't know he shot those photos from the inside :)

Your shirt being tucked in halfway with those leather pants is just perfect ! Relaxed yet chic look !

I WANT those shoesss <3

hahhahaha your boyf is funnyy!!!
i always wear black too. people always ask me if i own anything that's of an actual COLOR hehehehe.
i loove how you mixed the girlyness of the headband with the masculinity of the dress shirt. :D

you look so adorable. your hair is gorgeous & love the outfit.

im inlove with the way you wore the shirt and the undone tie ..this is exquisite.

Adorable! Love your outfit and all the details. x

Love your outfit adn the shirt looks amazing with all that black! can´t believe I found your blog just now..I have to go throught your older posts! :)


Gosh, your blog / style is amazing!
Lovely pictures and you're so pretty!

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Of course, this look is great.
I really would like it if we had a Uniqlo here, I've never even been in one!

Great pants. You seem to have the legs for them as well. I especially love the ribbon. I would have loved to see the new Acne shoes with metallic bottom as well.

The photos are so amzing!
I love your head band!

You can never have too much black ;). I love your long hair! I'm trying to grow mine out but it's taking such a long time!! And sometimes, I'd rather do something in math or science than the social sciences.... :/

hey hey hey!!! wait!!! give us a break please!!! we are like OMG look at her right now!! wowwww you are just amazing baby!!
we've been watching your outfits and :0 !! you have amazed us. (actually we have the H&M tee with the landscape, and u have gave us an idea to combine it so thank you sososo much! :D)ç
sooooooooooooo of course we add you to our favourites!!!!!
valentina and paula

the first shot is the best!!!! and the pants are too cool. thanks for your nice comments and i am adding you to my link list. obviously you have fantastic style :3

oh my god you look so beautiful!

who cares what people think - these pictures are gorgeous. so are those leather pants :)

really nice photos!! i love your stile, u're perfect even under a rainstorm!

You look truly stunning and your hair is so gorgeous!

SUCH a great outfit. seriously Sophia you look so cute here!!!!!!!!!!!

girl, youre style is AMAZING! really loving this whole rain photoshoot, and thanks for stopping by the blog, yours is pretty sweet:)

xx raez

ps. didnt get the shirt 'coz it wasn't black...haha, im very specific. and i think i could find a better one:P

love the rain, love your pant

Wow! This is gorgeous, and looks like a candid moment in everyday life. Love it!