My mom gave me this vintage silk blouse and I love it to pieces. The blouse has delicate little punch-outs and is sprinkled with pearl and bead accents. This all brings me to realize how the quality of present day clothing feels so compromised. I can buy an H&M blouse and upon one wear the stitches are already coming loose. Quality and quantity are inversely related.

So here's me being a complete fool. I went for a creamy palette today which I found very suitable for the autumn-tinged air. Honestly, I can't wait for Fall and Winter. I'm ready to break out the heavier and grungier stuff (spikes, leather, chunky boots, oversized scarves, layers, and dramatic lace and velvet).

P.S. The blog is in design transition. As you may have also noticed, I'm going to stick with the straightforward Phosphene instead. I came up with Phosphene Fashion when I was way too young and when alliteration seemed cool. A renovation is in store.
Love your hat! So cute!!

That blouse is lovely. I also agree with you on Fall and Winter, I look forward to layering.

Where is that hat, from? It's fantastic!

You look lovely. Your hurrr is so unbelievably long now !! JEALZZZ

always loved those shoes! don't know why i never got them =/

love loveee the outfit.

your hat is so bloody cuutee!!! i kinda can't wait for fall too. so sick of our super hot sticky humid weather!! would love to see a detail shot of the neckline of your embellished top!

The nude palette is beautiful !! With black shoes and your Chanel bag,which I'm so wanting one is beautiful :)

And the blouse is beautiful with all that details ! That's why most times I always love vintage clothing .

Phosphene for your blog is cool too ! Are you going to do a makeover for your blog . Can't wait !!

blouse is gorgeous & that hat is so adorable.

I have those shoes too! I bought them awhile ago but have yet to wear them. Very cute!

I really love your blog, pictures and DIY's!
Today I've featured some of your jewelry pics on a collage on my blog. I will also feature some of your cool outfits soon!
Ciao from Italy :)

Aw, you look so cute! Love the look, reminds me a lot of classic Chloe girl style (minus, perhaps, the Chanel bag!).

cute hat!

absolutely stunning pictures and the lighting is so warm and glowy!
the combo of that blouse + sandals + bag = awesome

so romantic!

geez, woman! i dont know why youre not famous yet, your style is just fantastic! the nude colours and everything just works, i love it:)

xx raez

i really like this vintage look!
So stunning the hat is beautiful! I actaully think I have something like it that was my Nonas! <3 so pretty!