Everything I'm wearing today is thrifted. Well, minus the shoes. Part of the student life budget is to make-do with what you have, but I have no qualms with such limitations. It's only opened my mind and allowed me to be a bit more creative with what I can put together. Today, I'm wearing some thrifted trousers. I love trousers but have always feared that the cut would be hard to pull off (especially with my mother-bearing hips).

And, this is where I mention one of my favourite designers, Alber Elbaz. I chuckle with joy each time I see him walking out at the closing of each of his shows. He's always wearing his signature trousers, generously fit and cuffed at the ankles, and an exaggerated bow tie. Pictures of his beautiful pieces make me swoon every time, but it's the picture of him at the end that I immediately deem as a favourite. I guess Alber and his collections are a bit of an inspiration for this little outfit--cuffed trousers, a slouchy silk top, an eggshell blue leather bag, and a bow sash. I hope Alber would approve!

P.S. I still have two of my DIY pieces to mail out to the winners. I'm in the works of acquiring boxes and proper packaging for them. Patience shall be rewarded with goodies.
Woooooman, your hair is gloooorious. I have those F21s as well, are they comfortable? I haven't given mine too much wear yet... I love how modern you look with the all-thrift outfit <3

thrifting is my absolute favorite kind of shopping - and those are some great finds!

so so pretty. your hair is so good.. makes me not want to cut mine tomorrow. and deff can't even believe all thrift, its amazing!

I love this one so much, you have no idea.

I can't believe all these pieces are thrifted. This look is so expensive-looking!

the trousers are stunning i applaud you for making do with what you have. i wish so bad that could have money to spend like other bloggers

"I love trousers but have always feared that the cut would be hard to pull off (especially with my mother-bearing hips)"

ME TOO. minus the mother-bearing hips. my fear is not being able to pull off any cool trousers because of my midgety height! but you pulled off this look so effortlessly <3

Thrifting is something that I absolutely love ! Because its always good for us to save money and the most beautiful pieces of clothing are hidden there :)

love this whole black outfit and that little grey bag ! Perfect length of pants where the jeans is cuffed at the ankle.

And your hair is beautiful girl !

love love. i pretty much get all my clothes at the thrift store too, so this look is great! you look amazing, and adore the shoes!

xx raez

you are great! seriously. and,oh, i linked ur blog to mine :)
anyway, how's the disc leather jacket going? haven't heard about her for quiet sometime..:)


alber would be very proud! outfit is tremendously chic and effortless. totally floored me! as always, you know i am a fan sophia. like always!

and can i have your cascading hair?:p


such a beautiful look!
and I love you hair that way it's so whimsical! <3
hope you're well xo

Wonderful combination with black and gray!
Those shoes are lovely :)


amazing outfit and great wedges!

great outfit!

Love your trousers!

yayyy you look so cool and comfy thurr!!! Those trousies are niceeeeeeeeee but i can never pull them off -__________-

you're beautiful and this is really awesome. I don't think I can pull those pants off (or rather the entire outfit) as well as you can. You look great! :)

this look is awesome!! it's incredible how everything in this outfit is thrifted yet one would definitely not be able to tell just by looking... i love how everything looks so elegant and chic!

omgg those trousers...<3!! 'child-bearing hips' you mean? :D i cravvvee them... sighsighsigh