The gloomy days here always puts me in the mood for monochrome. My new H&M blouse was absolutely perfect. The instant I saw it in the store, I fell in love. The white cotton felt sterile, the cut minimalistic, and the sleeves were exaggerated and long dangling past the hem. The long sleeves landed far past my fingertips and were reminiscent of sleeves on a straight jacket--my absolute favourite part (I'm not trying to sound creepy!). Paired with my leather gloves, which I'm convinced I'll be wearing with everything as soon as it gets a little colder here, black trousers and leather boots, I had the perfect zany dark look.

I also started looking into some leather harnesses (again, not trying to sound creepy!) to wear with the shirt and other Fall looks. Of course I wasn't thinking and just typed in "leather harness" into Google search and ended up with some rather unsavory images. Ha, so don't do that. In the end, I found what I was looking for from Garbage Dress' store on Etsy. They are absolute beauties. Anyway, remember Meisel's editorial in Vogue Italia, "SuperMods Enter Rehab"? Sure it's from 2007, but zaniness is in for Fall. Well, at least for me. Insanity awaits.

LOVE your leather gloves with that blouse! your heels are killer too

Love your boots :)

Oh the shirt! Anything with a puff or mutton sleeve and I'm sold, it's terrible. Also, you would rock that harness SO HARD! I wish I were fantastically rich so I could fulfill the fashion fantasies of myself and my stylish friends.

I also wish hospital life were in the least bit like that!

Love the outfit!!! So simple, yet the fit is perfect, so it looks great! I need a pair of slim black-black jeans for fall! You legs are so loooong :)

i saw and loved that shirt too! but didn't get it because i didn't think i could pull it off. definitely not as awesomely as you do!!!
sooo cool with the leather gloves. UGH hk's still super hot and sticky to be wearing pretty fall clothes :(

I AM DYING over this outfit UGHHGHGHG

Zana's harnesses are heaven! I want the wing harness SO BAD!

Super amazing look! You look hauntingly beautiful!

I love the sleeves on that shirt!

Oh I love that shirt!

you have killer legs!

this is insanely amazing!

You're looking really cool!

omg sophia this outfit is PERFECT. the blouse sort of has like an ethereal princess feel and pairing it with leather gloves and black skinnies changes everything. you look great :D such long thin legs!!


You look rad ! I love the blouse & skinny jeans !
Black skinny jeans & killer heels are my uniform, too :)
x x x

Ohhhh my,I'm so sorry on being behind posts ! Been slightly busy lately. But I'm back girl <3

This outfit is stunning ! I love the puffness on the sleeve of your top. I need to have h&m here . Ahhhhhh

With the jeans and those booties,you matched everything so well :)

Loved that you added the extra touch with those gloves <3 Beautiful

i just commented on this post on your chictopia, but seriously, how did i just now find you? you have such incredible style. and this outfit is AMAZING! can't wait to start following you =)

@sha when does it normally get chillier in hk? ge...
when does it normally get chillier in hk? get those leather gloves ready!

haha, don't die! you're adorable.

ah, i love your blog! it makes me smile that you've stopped by mine.

thanks so much! i adore your looks on chictopia, so coming from you, means a lot to me.

OMG this outfit...that must get a harness and pair it with the shirt, can't wait to see!

oh my you are crazy gorgeous! you look lovely!

absolutely perfect. the sleeves are incredible on the white blouse.