I hate it when the weather is gorgeous on a weekend, but I have to spend it nearly entirely indoors studying for exams. For lack of better words, POOP. Which is why before I locked myself up in my room, I just had to run some errands in a pretty dress, a DIY ostrich feather fringe dress I recently finished. I threw on a vintage vest, some black tights, and leather boots. The wind swept through the feathers as I walked . . . it was fantastic.

I'm also giving the one I'm wearing here away. Probably a white one and black one will be next and I'm thinking more plumage.

I love love your vest ! and its a awesome vintage find :)

Together with the dress,its really beautiful ! Bet people are staring in envy when you walk pass and yay for the giveaway :))

Fabulous dress! WOW! You are so talented!


Where did you get the vest? Could we get a close-up of it? You should wear it more often! I'd like to see what else you wear it with (I would wear it with the white shirt in the previous post, but I'm sure you can be a lot more creative than that).

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I'm in awe of your DIY skills. And I'm absolutely in LOVE with your boots. P.S. love the last picture <3

@ valencia, dylana, kurarin, cc
thanks! you are all too sweet. cc, the boots are zara trf limited edition line.

the vest was my mum's, a vintage find. i'll definitely be wearing it again!

your boots are awesome ! love the vest too .hope that studying pays off

these photos are gorgeous!! :DD it's so nice when the wind adds the windswept effect to your hair at just the right moment...

that vest is totally awesome too. haha i should put in more effort into dressing better when I make small trips out during study breaks.