I'm giving away this dress exclusively on Chictopia. I feel as if I've been neglecting the account and have only given my blog readers the giveaways. However, if you want to enter too, all you have to do is hop on over to Chictopia and stop by my profile here. Say hi, add me as a favorite, a friend (...or throw tomatoes at me). The giveaway ends Monday at midnight, good luck!

that outfit is frigging amazing.
just discovered your blog; your style is off the charts
can't wait for your next outfit post!


I'm loving your blog. Your diy's are incredible and your debate over sans vs serif was hilarious (only because I can completely relate!)

Hi! I really love this dress you made and all other DIYs. I hope you had a tutorial or something like that. Anyway, added you as my favorite on chictopia. :)


hey, i stumbled across this outfit you posted on chictopia and found your blog. love loveee your style and all your amazing DIYs! thank you for all the inspiration!


heheheh the first photo "all black everything". LOVEEEEE. if i could get my tiny midget hands on one of your awesome DIYs, life would be GOOOOOD.

goodluck with your exams! <3

Sooo gorgeosu!

Stumbled upon your blog. still browsing through. I'm loving this! I love all your DIYs! You're inspiring. Great job! Amazing dress! and you are just stunning. Love this!


so freaking gorgeous seriously!

your amazing !

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Wow, it's very pretty, love the feathers. But most of all I really like how you styled it, beautiful!

the dress is incredible! wow, winner is certainly very lucky:)

btw, i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog, if in case you do want.:)



gorgeous! can't believe you're giving it away!

yesssss. i love it when people line their shoes up like that. i would do it too but there is seriously NO WHERE in my house to do it -.- i dont even have a desk.


hello! i'm kryseealn from chictopia and i'm being sneaky and leaving a comment on your blog as well, because i adore this so much its ridiculous....but even if i don't get picked i'll be looking forward to a tutorial! i'm not too handy with the needle and thread, but i'm willing to learn in this case :)

i've said it before, but you are really becoming my queen of diy.


@ anonymous

oh thank you thank you. too many nice words, do i even warrant them? hope to see you around on the blog :o)

this dress is just perfect,
i'll try to do one too, you inspired me so much!
you are very talented, may i ask you, what school are you studying at? ,)

(btw, i'm tom star from chictopia)

gosh those boots are so perfectly good.