The weather here . . . I'm not even going to waste any more words lamenting it. Boston is like rainy London sans the awesome English accent. We Bostonians do have our own accent, though, and I'm not sure if you've heard it before. If you haven't, you're lucky and really not missing out on anything remotely lovely. But if you're curious, imagine "car" as "cahhh" and "bar" as "bahhh." Lovely, yes? There are so many sunless days here, I might as well pack up my bags and relocate across the ocean.

Anyway, on days like this I also tend to wear dreary black, and lots of it too kind of like a vampire. I don't even need to shy away from the sun because there isn't any.

Wearing: Vintage silk Tiktiner blouse (note the velvet shoulder details!), American Apparel skirt, H&M bow sandal heels, Chanel purse with the equestrian charms from my ChloƩ Kerala bag, vintage necklace.
You look amazing :) I've always wanted to go to Boston after looking at all your posts!

you're looking chic and elegant as always :) love the bag!

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I miss Boston.

The black doesn't look dreary at all! Could we see a close-up of the brooch on your collar? Did it come with the shirt?

Haha, you are so cute! Wish I could visit Boston and hear your accent!

Love all black; but you probably knew that :P You look gorgeous! I especially LOVE the skirt!

hahaha boston accents make me cringe! Whenever I tell people where I'm from they ask if I have a Boston accent...luckily I don't (i hope). anyways, that skirt is pretty cool, and the shoulder details are gorgeous!

I love the sleeves on that shirt! So pretty!

@ barbro fortunately, i don't have a boston ...
@ barbro

fortunately, i don't have a boston accent! sorry to disappoint you! trust me, it's a good thing *grins*

@ Melike it's a vintage necklace actually! i ...
@ Melike

it's a vintage necklace actually! i used to religiously collect vintage jewelry, this one happens to be one of my favourite pieces. i'll be sure to include a closeup next time.

love the all black, but especially the fact that you can still see all of the details and textures in your outfit. the shirt is gorgeous!

omfg your shirt is what dreams are made of
damn. i really need to start vintage-shopping

Your blouse is fabulous! So Adam's family! Love it. And that purse. BREATHTAKING!

ahhh i love love love how this whole outfit looks so impeccable and unique!

;D hehe have added you to my blog list hope you don't mind!

U look amazing here!!!Luv everything!! Hope u are well and have a fantastic day!


so chic!

Yet another stunning all black outfit!! You pulled it off again girl:)
Always an inspiration you are to me <3

The blouse sleeves WTHHHH ?? Excuse me,but it really too gorgeous! Would kill to have something like that in my closet.

The charm you put on your purse is so adorable.Didn't know the AA skirt could look so amazing! Have sent my heart to buy one on my next pay. Woooo

Lovely! So elegant and classic :]

Goodness gracious I love this outfit. You look beautiful, of course! I am a total sucker for the leather-look skirt (which I now NEED) and the lace detailing on the top.

oh my god im so impressed with the dress

This outfit is just... wow! Love how each garment has a different texture. It really makes the whole outfit rather eye-catching. Especially considering all-black outfits can sometimes be a rather plain and boring affair. x

Wow that skirt looks lovely! Great outfit and wonderful mix of different textures - beautiful.

Miss, I am so impressed by your blog and your incredible style! x