I posted these pictures over on Chictopia and never got around to posting them here. So, although these are a few days old, here they are! Although I have a penchant for hues of gray and black, I have a weak spot for minty greens, sorbets and some pastels. I don't wear them much, but I still love them. I picked up these minty platform sandals before summer and they've gone unworn until now. Shame on me. They have velcro closures and the platform is so bouncy that they add a spring to each of my steps, kind of like walking on air. Clearly I need more shoes like these. And if you ever doubted that what you wear can have an effect on your gastronomic adventures, doubt no more. The platforms reminded me of mint chip ice cream, so that night I marched over to the JP Licks and grabbed a cone full of it. I love these shoes.

Edit: Ahhh, I'm a Style Icon on Chictopia. Insanity, I say, insanity. I have the biggest grin on my face. Thank you!
Those shoes are so cute! I love the color!

COngrats, I was rooting for u anyway!
I have been reading ur blog for awhile now but first time to comment, gotta say i m completely swoon by ur amazing DIY work. Great blog!

Congrats on Chictopia :)
Punch of color or monochrome palette is refreshing.

I love the shoes, and your dress is beautiful! Congratulations on being a Style Icon, you really deserve it! :D

@ the divinitus & barbro

thank you! you two need to be next. the divinitus, you dress in such an eerie way. sometimes it even gives me some goosebumps, but i love it.

I love the color of those shoes!! So beautiful! Glad you posted them. :)

aww love that minty green + grey combo! so refreshing to all black everything, no? hehehe

congrats on being a style icon. well deserved, sophia!

you deserve to be style icon, your style rocks ;)

congrats, you really deserve it with your classy and unique style.

congrats on being a style icon! you deserve it =)

ohh god!! your shoes!! so beautiful!!

YAYthats so cool! i have always wanted to be a style icon on chictopia, but don't ever even make it into the gallery :(

I love this look! mint is one of my favorite colors


girl i am NOT surprised you got the styleicon thing on chictopia!! you are superrrrrrrrrrr stylish!!!!!

the dress looks great on you!!!

congrats on the style icon...lord knows you totally deserved itttt

those shoes are PERFECTIONNNNNN


What can I say girl ?!! Your photos are getting better and better each time you post girl :))

And all these photos are just stunning,I'm loss for words<3

I really love minty green and sorbet colors alot ! With those heels on your feet,they are just what I LOVE!
And with the cardigan and those blue sunnies,ahhhhhhhh

You are indeed a style icon,no doubt about that <3

FIANLLY a chictopia icon! So deserved! I was going to point you out to Helen pretty soon if they did not name you an icon your style is impeccable! It's different, not all trendy like some!

<3 yay!!!!
hope your exams are going well!!

look is great! ray ban are divine


Love this outfit, I'm a sucker for grey and black also

That outfit is perfect, darling. You are one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

wow, you keep amazing me with your great style!:D Love this outfit!


yes, they remind me of ice cream,
i have one swim suit that remind me of ice cream everytime i see it ,)
(pink-blue-yellow animal print)

and you are not style icon only on chictopia
you really are a style icon girl,)*

Loooooooooooooove the shoes!!! can you tell me where you got them from?