Bright and early, before the rain from last night had dried up, my boyfriend and I wandered down our street to the weekly open market. Years ago, our neighborhood wasn't as trendy as it is today. It's flourished into a center of independent arts and theatre, culture, fine dining, and a lively night scene. Our street especially used to be lined with abandoned warehouses, but they have since transformed into showrooms, art galleries and posh restaurants. Every Sunday, on our street near all the massive brick warehouses, there's an open market where you can find anything from home baked apple pies, hand knit mohair scarves from local designers, art prints from local artists, beautiful vintage clothing, mid-century furniture, and on and on. We like to stop by every so often do rummage through the goods and admire the local scene. This is what I love about living in the city. Oh, annnnd this is what I wore.
Awesome look!

i love how comfy you look for a day of exploring!

You look beautiful, girl. I love the thigh-high stockings - such a great way to give the outfit an extra edge :)

I soo want to live in the city, but for now I'll have to make this country-life work :)

Beautiful outfit, the socks give it a cute touch.

Your neighbourhood sounds wonderful! I'd love to live in a place like that.

this is so perfect! love the proportions, the thigh highs, the big sweater, and it just looks so comfy.
must be nice to live in such an amazing city =)

nice sweater!! love the print!!

Omg! your look amazing (i seriously need to lose weight and be skinny) no wonder your a style icon on chictopia now ;).
I also love living in the city, it's just great :)

P.S - i'm still waiting on your next DYI project miss ;D

gorgeous! such an amazing outfit.

You look amazing! Your legs are killerrr-- you really spiced up your look with the thigh high socks! And I'm a huge fan of that sweater (jacket?)

That market sounds amazing! I adore those kinds of things <33

I am in love with all your outfits. You have such a superb style. Whenever I do a post about my fave bloggers, you will def. be on it! And congrats on being Style Icon on Chictopia, I just joined!

oo aww so casual and comfy! I love the double layered legs!!

I'm 12th-ing everyone else's comments: the thigh-highs-on-tights twist is brilliant. Still only neck-and-neck with the brilliance of that Fair Isle coat though.

Beautiful chunky cardigan you have and I love the color matching with your tights and those socks:))

Casual still so so chic and comfy for the weekend!! Ohhhhh,how I wish there were such markets here as well.

So much fun and exploring to do every weekend then <3

congrats on style-iconness; living in a neighborhood that has up and come (vs up and coming). the outfit is gorgeous/comfy and that cardigan is to die for.

Love it!!

Cozy, adorable and stylish - everything about this outfit is right :)

ohh I want that outfit !
looks really good and cozy


the socks over tights are pretty clever! and what/where is this market? if it's in/around Boston, i want to go to there!

I love your effortlessly cool style. Great market look. Your street sounds like an absolute delight! x

Chic, cool and sweet!

Loving this whole look. That jacket is just fantastic! This outfit kind of makes me wish that we weren't going into summer here in Aus, haha.


that's sweet. and that's a perfect pre-fall outfit!

THAT JACKET IS AWESOME. it looks so comfy and festive hhehehehe.
open markets? that's something you'd never find in hk :(

The market sounds amazing!! I luv doing things like that : ) Luv ur jacket and of course ur over the knee socks, they always make an outfit look really chic! xx

beautiful outfit!

I am soo in love with this outfit, u look so gorgeous! and ur such a skinnie minnie hehe! love the layering of the tights. mind if i copy you!?