Inspiration doesn't normally come 7am when I'm still groggy and looking at a full day of classes ahead of me, so this is the go-to ensemble on such days. The blazer, trousers, flats, basic tops and leather bags are fail-proof for a full day of lectures, running about the city and eating frozen yogurt in the freezing weather (as pictured)! Anyway, it's been busy here. School, projects, and some DIYs that I'm very excited about sharing soon, so stay tuned to my misadventures. Hints: Lots of black and white, heavy studding, undeniable romanticism, shoulder details and draping. It's funny how nice it all sounds, because we'll just have to see how nice it will actually look!
excited to see the DIYs! =)

indeed that sounds like a foolproof ensemble.

ooh can't wait to see what you've come up with.

love your perfect casual outfit. that's basically my school uniform too!

and i CANNOT wait to see your DIYs.

so cute and casual! cant wait to see your DIYs :D

Cool, a nice and clean standard school outfit! You look polished, yet casual <3

I love how this whole outfit works. You always have such an effortless and chic style. love it!

I know what you mean, I'm really busy with school these days too. And sometimes it's just too much of a hassle to put on anything exciting and I just opt for the comfortable. I think you still look very chic and fashionable even in this very laid back outfit ;). I love your glasses by the way, they suit you so well.

And I wish we had frozen yogurt here =(

yes! this outfit is so great for school, i think i'll need to remember that when i go to class tomorrow. and isn't it funny? i often crave frozen yogurt when it's cold out!

Adore adore your casual school outfit !!! I would wear this everyday to schoool tooo,comfortable is the best sometimes:)

and more DIYs ??!!! Ahhhhh,I really can't wait <3 <3

Very elegant student ... perfect.

this looks so cute! love the glasses