I love these dotted tights. So I bought 3 packs. You know, it's like stocking up on canned goods before hurricane season.
Beautiful, girl. I admire your style :)

Oh these are adorable on you! I saw some the other day that I must go back and get now that I see how you have pulled them off :)

love these tights so much :(

Those tights are so adorable! Lovely look! The entire outfit is perfect and so chic!


Love the skirt and tights! You must tell us where your clothing is from...please. :)

Been looking for dotted tights but I still can't find them anywhere ! Ahhhhhh

The sash you tied around your top and together with the skirt is such a great idea ! And now the skirt has more stucture and style <3

Adorable sweater too . Kisses :) heeee

Luv ur skirt and tights so much!! xx

very balenciaga!! haha i love the little knot bundle in the front haehahe. yknow when you bunch a long skirt in the front into a knot yeh, what happens to all the fabric in the back!?

You are so lovely, you are going in my links list!

wow, those dotted tights are adorable! and so chic. i must get some now too :)

looking so beautiful! I love how soft that top looks in the sunlight! <3

hope you're well my love
email you SOON!

xo <3

Really a gorgeous outfit!!

wow you look amazing girl :)

that skirt belt contraption device is KIND OF AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 the dotted tights of courseee

I love how the skirt is attatched to the belt!
Soo creative:D

And those tights are awesome!



I'm dreaming of a "little hearts" pair of tights !
They look almost the same as yours, but with tiny hearts ! Eeep !♥
But I've never worn anything else than opaque tights (black or charcoal lately) since I was 11 ...
And they don't have any size S left, anyway ...

Kisses from Paris,
x x x

@H i got them in shanghai, but i know they sell th...
i got them in shanghai, but i know they sell the same ones on tabio.co.uk and nordstrom's (last time i checked). good luck!

@denise haha, good point. actually it does create...

haha, good point. actually it does create a funny shape in the rump. let's just say there was more volume back there, but it's too darn fun to not try.