I've really been into mixing denim with leather and liberal amounts of black lately. I wear too much black anyway, but the denim really breaks up the black so well. The contrast is what appeals to me the most--light and dark, casual yet formal, playful yet somber. I guess I gravitate towards contradictions.

I'm wearing a black silk tank, denim vest, black blazer, opaque tights, denim cut-off shorts and a new pair of wedges. My boyfriend calls them "stilts." Stilts or not, they allowed me to safely stomp through puddles untouched by the water. My stilts: +1. His plimsolls: 0.

I also want to thank Blue is in Fashion this Year for featuring me here (alongside Fashion Toast, Kate Lanphear, Caroline's Mode, 4th and Bleeker, and Passe Partout just to name a few of the lovely ladies) and here. Kisses.

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Very cool outfit. Lol I have those same shoes in beige and I love them! See here:http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/151137

Black is very nice too! Wish I could get them too. They were just some random brand for cheap right?

Ohh Iike :)
Your legs seem a mile long.

I love how those shoes look with the opaque tights! I also like your choice in backgrounds for the photography; lovely.


beautiful outfit, i love ur style!


your buckled shoes are intensely amazing

Always love denim with black and you can never go wrong !

Ohhhh and your legs look really long here girl ! It's a casual yet still chic outfit !

Plus I must still say you have gorgeous hair ! Any tips on how to make those locks look so beautiful ??

Love the pictures, so gorgeous!

Great look on you, you are so beautiful :)

Great outfit..seriously you can pull anything off!! Such long thin legssss jealoussssssss. Such nice shoes..where are they from?? They look like the 12th st by cynthia vincent onessssssssssss heahea

Thank you so much for writing about my blog!

i think this might be one of my favourite sets of yours. i loove the mixture of denim and black, considering i wear black A LOT too hehehe.
and those shoes!!! where from?

this outfit makes your legs look sooooo long omg! I LOVE IT

I love these shoes!

@Lemon Curry + Denise
surprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), they're F21's. i promised myself to not buy stuff from there anymore, but i think i've failed.

if you could see up close, you'd see all my split ends! but, some tips anyway: always condition after shampooing, i don't use any styling products and i let my hair air-dry most of the time (unless i'm in a huge rush).