A very monochrome and minimalist day. Mainly I wanted to find a look simple enough to accessorize with my new lucite necklace from H&M. The necklace is huge and like a piece of art I'd expect to see at the MoMA or ICA. I knew a fussy outfit would've just been adding chaos. I also got a wonderful neck workout wearing it. There's nothing like working that platysma and SCMs after an exhausting day.

So, why all this acrylic talk? I'm actually pretty fascinated with acrylic in general. And before that, I had a short obsession with anything bakelite. During that phase, I wanted to make acrylic necklaces (and even acrylic furniture, like a coffee table). I realized that making the table was a little too ambitious--it would require buying large sheets of acrylic and bending them while hot with a strip heater element--so I looked into necklaces instead. All you probably need for that would be acrylic sheets and an acrylic knife (score and break). If you're interested in making lucite goodness, check out TAP Plastics which I especially liked for their variety in supplies and instructional videos. Good luck!

You are so perfect :) Beautiful smile!

The necklace is so amazing!
I don't think you've ever had a bad hair day in the entirety of your life, have you?
I'm envious!

I just came across your blog. It is adorable!! I LOVE that necklace...did you just get it? And those shoes.. where did you get those shoes????


Those pants are great, I love the looser fit, they look really nice on you!

<3 necklace & shoes too

My gosh !!! The necklace is so beautiful and artistic :) I'm going to make one soon !

And love those pants with the tie top :) Pants rolled up to the ankle is always something I LOVE !

Like I said,beautiful hair you have <3

amazing necklace and photos look even better close-up! (obvious, i know :P) love your class.

modelicious pictures! i especially love the third one. that necklace is so perfect! who takes these awesome pictures?? they are amaaazing!

@ anonymous

the necklace is pretty darn heavy, thus the neck workout. though, i have to say, i forgot about the weight a couple minutes in.

Your outfits are always perfect!
(You have a new feature on my blog today...)

You look amazing! I love your simple and chic look! Love your blog so much!

I am a follower!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is one cute outfit you're sporting!

Hi! I found you through chictopia and your style i...
I found you through chictopia and your style is amazing!
These pictures are incredible :)

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